Are you hurting like I am?

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Are you hurting like I am?

OK, so I feel like I've done nothing but piss and moan all day on this board about one thing or another... but it's just one of those days! I'm just finishing up my shift (thank God!) and I'm in so much pain! I sit at my job (again, thank God!) but after a few hours my back really starts killing me because these chairs aren't exactly the best... but when I get up to walk around I'm also in pain because I've been sitting for so many hours. I'm in pain walking around for more than ten minutes now, too! I went to the mall yesterday and after just a few minutes I started having tons of pressure down there, like he was going to fall out! I know it's because this is my fourth baby and my muscles down there just aren't what they used to be (this happened with my last baby, but not until around 36 weeks, and it's because of this extreme pain that she agreed to induce me at 39 weeks)... but still. So now I basically can't sit, walk, or stand without hurting. And that's not including laying down, or trying to roll from one side to another in the bed... which is excrutiating! I didn't have these problems with my first two babies, but with DD and this one, it's like it keeps getting worse... like my body wasn't made to have more than two children and because I keep getting pregnant I'm being punished! Is anyone else going through this?!

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I can't sleep cause I can't get comfy. Hips hurt, back hurts, head hurts... Sometimes when I walk the pressure is so much I feel like with every step I'm going to pee or something.

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YUP! If I cannot lay down every couple of hours I really hurt for the next whole day Sad Va jj is killing me, lower back hurts, pelvic area hurts. And he has just started nailing my ribs.

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Yep, I'm getting there. My lower back is starting to hurt after a long day. Then my hips will get sore when I'm trying to turn around in bed at night. Same thing with feeling pain in my pelvis and feeling like the baby is going to fall out!!

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I wake up everyday feeling like I've run a marathon. My body aches all day long. Literally from the time I wake up until I lay down and even then sleeping is a nightmare. I wake up in the middle of the night from laying on one side too long and hurting. My body gets really stiff and moving over is very difficult.

All this has made everyday life hard to get through. Housework, work, spending time with the kids, everything just seems impossible!!

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I'm impressed with all you girls are able to get done. Up from the couch to the bathroom is a big deal around here!

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Just recently have I started to deal with back pain and tailbone pain. It hurts like you said - to sit, stand, walk, whatever. I lay in bed with aches in my hips and wake up with Charlie Horses in my feet and calves.

And this morning....I woke up with a KILLER sore throat Sad

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Yea, with my sciatic nerve pain, this is me most days. You can't win laying down, standing, sitting, reclining, walking.... it plain sucks. I can't get house stuff done bc I have no energy and bending over takes the biggest miracle on the planet. I also have the feelings that sometimes she is just going to fall out, and she is already dropped so the pressure she puts on my bladder sometimes is the absolute worst!!!!!!! The end seems so close yet so far. Have to tried ice, heating pad, a good massage, tylenol?

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"sugspop" wrote:

bending over takes the biggest miracle on the planet.

EZ Grabber!

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Add me to your list. I woke up at 3am with a terrible headache and NEVER went back to sleep. Ugh. It's 9:30 & I haven't even turned on my laptop for work......

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Ugh! Yes! I have this really painfull feeling (Like I have to urinate) all the time! LO is pushing down so hard! I go to the doc today, so I am going to mention it.
My hip hurts, but only on Saturdays, because Friday is my o"n my feet walking all day" day. I am going to have to speak with my boss about that because I can not get anything done until the Joint pain subsides late Sat. Afternoon. I have to get ready for this baby. We have done nothing! (but not by choice!)

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Yes were all in this together!

I feel exactly the same way but it's so much better now than four weeks ago before I started seeing the chiro. But the normal pelvic pressure backaches and general achiness/tiredness is there.

My kids, one or another, for some reason, wake up at 3 or 4 am every night the past week or so. They have all been great sleepers up til then and they are waking up earlier and I can't fall asleep until 12-1 am most nights.

We gotta hang in there those weekly appts are coming soon and things hopefully will go faster toward the end.

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You described exactly how I feel and how my days go. I work long 10 hr days and by the end of it can't move very well. When I went on holidays and was walking all day long- I never felt this way. 6 more weeks of work and I am done for the year Smile I keep thinking ok last day Nov 30 .... I can do this!

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Ugghh we're all falling apart!! I just keep telling myself 6 more weeks... and I'll miss it when he's out for sure, especially since this will be the last time I'll ever carry a baby. I guess thinking of it in those terms makes it all a little better.

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You ladies are scaring me! I'm behind you and don't have horrible pain yet, but I know it is coming. Right now I am miserable with a cold. I woke up at 3am this morning and couldn't sleep so decided to come into work at 5:30am to make up some time I'll be missing. Ugh I have a feeling I will crash later on today.

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I'm sorry you have a nasty cold Angela! I got one too when I got back from vacation. It is the PITS to be sick while preggo. Hope you feel better soon!

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I hope you're feeling better today birth buddy!!