You must be due soon...

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You must be due soon...

Ugh. I guess I must look really HUGE, bc this isn't the first comment leaning in that direction. I'm like, nope, not due until December, I'm just big. Sad Makes me want to cry and worry about how big I will get in the end.

Do I look REALLY huge, or are people just making insensitive comments to me? I'm good with being huge AND people making insensitive comments too, but I didn't think I looked like I was due next month...

I would love to see your belly pics too... Maybe that would make me feel better (or worse!) haha.

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You look great! Has the person that said that ever seen a women who is 8 or 9 months?!

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I agree! You look great Smile

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"beccasweet" wrote:

You look great! Has the person that said that ever seen a women who is 8 or 9 months?!

This. That is a really stupid comment for someone to make. You don't even look CLOSE to having a baby to me.

I have had people ask me how far along I am and when I say "almost 5 months" I get this :eek: wow, that much longer hu? Um, seriously?! I think people think its funny or humorous but they don't realize that its rude and insensitive.

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i think you look great! and wow you're carrying really high!

People have no concept of sizes during pregnancy, especially when everyone is so different. When I was about 8 months someone said to me "oh my gosh you are SO TINY!!!" and that very afternoon another girl said "whoa... you still have FIVE weeks to go?? you look like youre going to explode!" :eek:

i think you look fantastic!

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Don't even worry about it Jules!! You look FREAKIN wonderful! I'm carrying high as well & think I may have a belly the same size as you even though I'm further behind.

Take comfort in the fact that most people are stupid & rude & have no idea what they are talking about.

Chin up gal!

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I agree most of the comments that make us twitch come from people who aren't around pregnant moms very often, so they're kind of clueless as to what's a second-trimester baby bump, versus what's a my-edd-was-last-week-and-I'm-about-to-pop tummy.

You look cute! Don't worry. Biggrin

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:eek: you absolutely don't look like you are almost due! That person is crazy. I'm sorry they said something so look fantastic!!

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Awwww, thanks so much for all your nice words and support! It really does help me feel better! :bighug: I mean, I know I am 23 weeks and look like I did at 27 weeks with my previous pregnancy, but come'on! Even a guy last week thought I was due in September! :eek: After a few comments, I started feeling really down, especially since I'm gaining more weight than I'd like.

I am carrying VERY high! I can really see it in this pic. I knew I was from the beginning, as my son was way lower. The funny thing is my belly is high but the baby is way lower than my DS was! Crazy how different pregnancies can be.

Anywho, thanks again friends. You made me feel lots better. Wink

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Some people shouldn't be allowed to talk! You look great girl!

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People say stuff like this to me all the time. I'm assuming because it's my fourth baby and I do look farther along than I actually am... I don't even care though. DH tells me how beautiful I look and that's all that matters. I know it's hard, but just try to close your ears to the nonsense that comes out of other people's mouths. We know you look beautiful, that's all that matters lol!

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I agree with the others. Every pregnancy is different for every woman. I wish people would learn to keep their snide comments to themselves. When people say that kind of stuff to me I just want to make some come back like "Oh, I never noticed one of your ears was lower than the other." or something like that to make them paranoid about themselves.

You look awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!

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