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Deacon Sirius was born 12/12/12 at 306 am weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long! Birth story is in my lodge. I'll try to post pics soon.

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Yay! Congrats on your little BOY!!!! WTTW Deacon! Can't wait to go read his story. Smile

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Congrats!!!!! Woo hoo! Your lil guy was born just before my lil girl on 12/12/12!!! WTTW Deacon Sirius!!!!

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Congratulations and WTTW Deacon!!!!

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I know I said this on your thread, but Congrats again and WTTW Deacon! How fun that our board has a boy and girl born on 12/12/12. Biggrin

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Congratulations! What a fun birthdate!

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Congratulations! WTTW Deacon!