12 Week Appt.

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12 Week Appt.

Hello ladies! I had my 12 week appointment yesterday. I got to hear the heartbeat--it was either 165 or 169, I can't remember and I erased the text I sent to DH, so I'm not sure--darn baby brain! Wink And the best news, I didn't look when the nurse weighed me at my first appointment and I didn't look yesterday, but she did tell me that I haven't gained anything! WAHOO!!! All is going well, though, so a great appointment.

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Congrats on a good appointment!!!! Glad you got to hear the heartbeat!!

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Yay for a nice strong heart beat! Good job on keeping your weight in check. I was doing pretty good thanks to morning sickness, buuuut the scale had another story to tell me this morning. Wink Do you usually gain a lot? Or just the right amount?

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Yay for hearing the heartbeat!

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Woo hoo! Sounds like the perfect appt! I am so jealous of all of you that haven't gained any weight. I am gaining lots! I guess it's the cravings plus not much morning sickness but ugh, I've never gained this much so soon! Way to go on keeping your weight in check!!