15 week appointment

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15 week appointment

Well, we had our 15 week check up yesterday. My mom came along with me and we brought both the kids so they could hear the baby's heartbeat. Our daughter was a little put out, because she was insistant that we were bringing the baby home with us yesterday!! She was so cute! My nurse told her that mommy's belly has to get A LOT bigger, like as big as the doctor's is (she is 36 weeks pregnant). When the doctor walked in, all she could do is stare at her belly!! Then she was asking her all sorts of questions about her baby and what she was having! She was a blast to have along! They were pretty excited to hear the heartbeat. We also have our anatomy ultrasound scheduled....July 11th. Only 2 more weeks to wait! I was surprised because it will be at 17 weeks instead of closer to 20 weeks when I've had them in the past. No complaining here, I can't wait to see our LO!!

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Sounds like a fun appointment! How exciting to have the gender appointment so soon!!! I have a few months to wait still.

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Aww your daughter sounds so adorable! How cool you get to have your u/s so early. I'm hoping I might get that lucky too. *fingers crossed* Are you doing anything special when you find out the gender?

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Yay for a good appointment! I'm on countdown for my gender scan at end of July. Any premonition on what it might be?

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Sounds like a awesome appt and your dd sounds too cute!!! yay for a early ultrasound! I have to wait until a few days past 20 weeks, boo! LOL

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aww what a fun appointment! Your DD is so cute! I am lucky that I should be able to find out the gender early too! I get an ultrasound at every appt and my doc said at my next appt on July 5th she'll tell me the gender if the baby cooperates. Biggrin Yahoo! I'll only be 16 weeks so hopefully the doc will be able to get a good look. Smile

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Yay for a great appointment!!! I can't for all the mamas ahead of me to start posting gender scan photos!!!!

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I'm glad your appointment went well! How cute of your daughter to want the baby to come home yesterday and to be so enthralled in your OB's pregnancy.

It's awesome getting the anatomy scan scheduled! Ours got scheduled at my appointment the other day. It's such a fun appointment to look forward to.