16 Week Appointment Today

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16 Week Appointment Today

I had my 16 week appointment today. Finally heard the heartbeat. The Dr started look down very low and couldn't find it again. I said this morning that my stomach was really bumped out near my belly button. She put the doppler there and picked the baby up right away. So the baby is just snuggled right up next to my belly button Smile

I have my Gender Ultrasound scheduled for July 6th and I can't wait. We have to bring out kids which I've never had to do before, so it should be interesting. Hopefully they'll be excited to see the baby in mommy's belly.

So a nice quite appointment which was great!

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Yay for good appt! Are u thinking pink or blue?

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Yay for a great appt!

We have our next ultrasound on the same day!!! How exciting Biggrin I cant wait Biggrin Only 3 more weeks!!!!

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Yeah for a good appointment!!! Can't wait to hear what your having!!!

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Awesome appointment! It's ALWAYS a relief to hear the heart beating, huh? Wow! Your u/s is coming up FAST! How exciting!

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oh wow, baby is pretty high up in there! Awesome! Yay for a great appt! Can't wait to hear the results of your next one. Smile I have my next appt scheduled for July 5th and the doc said if the baby cooperates, she would tell me the gender already. Now I just need to convince DH that I can't be on Team Green anymore--it's too long to wait! AGH! Blum 3

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Woo hoo - Yay for a good appt.