16 Week Appt.

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16 Week Appt.

Hello ladies! I went to my 16 week appointment yesterday. The nurse came in with the doppler and couldn't find the heartbeat. I was kinda freaking out a bit, but trying to hold it together. She moved me to the ultrasound room and I got to see my baby--s/he was moving around like crazy! Thank goodness everything was okay! Such a scare, but such a blessing to see the tiny baby! I scheduled my big ultrasound for the 30th, but I have to change it to the 31st b/c of DH's work schedule.

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Phew, what a relief, I'm sure! I'm so glad you were able to see a wiggly lil baby in there!!! Can't wait to hear about the big ultrasound! Smile

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how lucky to have an ultrasound available for a double check!