1st OB Appointment

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1st OB Appointment

It was very uneventful. They just took family history and looked at my past birth records. They don't try the doppler until you 12 weeks. So pretty quick and easy. I had to do the 1 hour glucose test since I had Gestational Diabetes with my DS, it came out under so I won't have to worry about that until week 24 now unless I start quickly gaining weight.

They scheduled my 12 week, 16 week appointments and my 18 week ultrasound. It's very strange to have all the dates in on the calendar, makes it seem like they are coming up quickly.

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That first appointment starts it all! I bet it is feeling more real with all those appointments set up. Will you be getting an NT scan?

My doc doesn't try the doppler until 12 weeks, too. And even then he says often you can't hear it. Amazingly, with DS#5, I was 36 weeks pregnant and he really had to search for the HB with the doppler. You'd think it'd be easy being that big but nope.

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I agree, putting it in the calendar def would make everything seem more real to me too. Thanks for sharing. Smile

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Glad to hear your GD test was under and you don't have worry about it for a few months!

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So glad to hear everything went well and that the GD test was fine! I agree it must be more "real" with the dates on the calendar. It's nice that they scheduled things so far out for you!