20 Wk Ultrasound--still on TEAM...

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20 Wk Ultrasound--still on TEAM...


Ultrasound and appointment went well today! Baby is growing like a weed and measuring 5 days ahead but they are not changing my due date. This scares me a little bit since I am due on Dec. 20th and finals week will be Dec. 13th--EEK! Hopefully I can make it through finals! Anyway, other than that, I have the targeted ultrasound scheduled in 2.5 weeks and another doc appt scheduled in 6 weeks! Biggrin


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Yay Jamie! Look at that cute little Girlie! Does she have a name yet? Smile What are you studying? I don't think I remember you talking about that. If you mentioned it before, I am totally claiming preggo brain. Lol!

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"DrakePlusOne" wrote:

What are you studying? I don't think I remember you talking about that. If you mentioned it before, I am totally claiming preggo brain. Lol!

Congratulations again Jamie!

Marie, I am in the same boat with preggo brain!

What are you studying Jamie? Maybe when finals gets closer and you know how you're doing, you could possibly talk your professor's into letting you test early???

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She's so cute! Congratulations!

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haha! Preggo brain... I have been claiming that A LOT lately! LOL See, I can't even remember if I've talked about me going to school on this board or not! But my major is political science and my minor is legal studies. The plan was to go to law school, but now I've changed my mind and am planning on going to business school for an MBA instead. Smile I have two semesters left for my bachelors degree so I really hope everything goes well enough that I won't have to delay graduation. I hope my professors will be pretty understanding--some are and some are not. Either way, I'll have to work extra hard to get my work in as early as possible. One of my classes is my senior seminar where I'll be working on my senior thesis--EEK. It's going to be hard enough to get that one done on schedule let alone early!!!

Thanks for the well wishes!!! Biggrin

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Congrats Jamie! I'm so glad your little girlie is doing so well. I'm sure everything will work out with school. If you do have to take a semester off, it's not as big of a deal as it seems so long as you've got the following two lined up, kwim? Still, I hope you're able to just stay on track with what you want atm. Biggrin

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Thanks Mia! Yeah, I had to take an entire semester off unexpectedly with my last DD because my water broke 9 weeks early and I was hospitalized for 3 weeks right after the semester started. It seriously turned out to be the biggest aggravation to deal with the registration and scholarship offices. They were trying to take away my scholarship and they wanted me to start paying on my student loans because they didn't believe I was in the hospital. So the nurse, trying to be helpful, faxed them a doctor's note from the hospital explaining my situation but the scholarship office said it wasn't "official" enough and that they wanted a more official letter typed out and hand-delivered. I was like umm.... are you kidding me??? After several days of dealing with this from my hospital bed, we got it all worked out. The office eventually accepted a typed letter sent via snail mail. Ugh.

That was a lot to deal with but other than that, I just hope to graduate with my friends that will be graduating in the Spring. Hope it all works out but like you said, it really won't be the end of the world if I have to delay a bit. Smile