5 weeks left - How's YOUR to do list looking?

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5 weeks left - How's YOUR to do list looking?

I'm starting to get a little nervous that I'm not going to get everything done that I wanted/needed to do before the baby comes. Below is my list... which I don't think is comprehensive but can't bear to put anything else on there. I'm so tired and feel like there's just not enough time. How's your list looking? And... sigh... what am I forgetting?

Set up co-sleeper in our bedroom
Wash clothes, car seat, blankets, sheets, bibs/burpers etc.
Bought "big sister" shirt/gift for DD for delivery day

In Progress
Christmas shop and mail gifts (60% complete)
Decorate Nursery (need to put up 2nd blind, purchase rug, put slip-cover on recliner)
Pack hospital bag

Need to do!
Install car seat
Clean/organize guest room - what a mess!
steralize some bottles and breast pump
Set up pack and play in livingroom

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I'm a little jealous that you only have 5 weeks left! I think you are doing great! Just focus on the things that absolutely HAVE to be done, and leave the others until you are finished with that, then you can work on the not-so-necessary stuff.

I am feeling overwhelmed, because, although I still have about 10 weeks until my due date, I haven't done much to prepare yet. It is stressing me out a little bit. I guess I should just take my own advice and make a list of things to be done. Wink

Good luck!

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My list looks a lot like yours. I set up the pnp in our room. I washed newborn and 0-3 clothing and blankets. I washed insert for car seat although I need to install the base. Nursery is halfway done. Over the next few weeks I will sterilize breast pump and pack hospital bags. I'm trying to sprinkle Christmas shopping here and there.

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less than 4 weeks here...although some nigths with all the BH contractions I am amazed it is still that far away.

We have had a ton going on lately , my mom and dad both having surgeries and ER trips and stays in ICU that things have been crazy. Spent one night all night in ICU, Got another call at 11 pm to take some stuff to the hospital for m y dad who was ambulanced there.

Anyways, I have had not time to finish anything. Just need to sterilize the new bottle nipples, install car seat and make sure it fits in my car, the van is not an issue. We have everything set up, just need to move some into the living room. Then I have to do some paperwork stuff like redoing my cafeteria plan for 2012 and submitting receipts etc. And getting in my numbers for 2013 and finishing up my work projects. Then I need to call early childhood for evaluations of my 4 year old. Finish a couple projects around the house. Fun, fun. Hopefully this weekend is calm although I will help my parents with my mom who just came home from having part of her lung removed due to lung cancer. In less than 2 weeks my dad will have a pacemaker put in.

Time is not flying bad even though things are getting pretty uncomfortable for me.

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I've barely prepared. It drives me nuts that I haven't been able to be more ahead of the game, but I know we don't need to do a whole lot and with all my contractions and DH's work schedule there just hasn't been time yet.

The only things we need to buy are a pack of 'sposie nb diapers, wash up our smaller CDs, wash his NB and 0-3 clothes, blankets, car seat cover and co sleeper sheet. Buy a new cosleeper mattress, install the car seat, pack a hospital bag, buy DD a big sister gift and sterilize my pump stuff just incase. It's all taken a back seat to trying to figure out child care for DD during my NSTs that start in a couple of weeks but it's all stuff that won't take long to do so I'm going to start this weekend. The hardest thing is figuring out what dresser to use for DS and move it into our room. We were given some pieces that were hardly used but without a dehumidifier in the basement, they got some mold on them? DH has cleaned them multiple times but I just can't stop smelling it so I'm junking them. Once the dresser and co-sleeper are set up it will feel like nothing to get the rest of the house ready.

Really, I don't plan on doing a whole lot of pre baby prep outside of the basics and getting Christmas shopping done. We've been too tight on money to start it but next week I'm going to start doing some shopping each week. With expecting to deliver in 6 weeks (assuming he stays that long) I want all our shopping done and wrapped by December 1st.

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I have a little less than 5 weeks left. I DO NOT feel very prepared at all yet. My list looks somewhat like your's except I feel like you have a HUGE leg up because you have some of your shopping done!! Smile

Set up bassinet in our bedroom
Packed hospital bags for me /baby
Washed all baby clothes/cloth diapers and organized by size
Put together crib, changing table, etc in nursery

In Progress:
Organizing nursery and hanging pics, etc (Mainly we need to finish cleaning out the closet in there so that I can actually organize and put stuff away)

Need to do:
Install car seat
Shop for Christmas!!! This I haven't even begun to do. I know what everyone wants, but I just need to find the time (and $$) to go do it.

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I am kind of stalled right now. I have the nursery set up but the walls are bare. I have clothing and blankets all washed and hospital bags packed but bottles, pacifiers, and breast pump parts still need to be sterilized. I can't install the car seat yet because doing that will mean moving my oldest to the third row of the van and I don't want to do that until we absolutely need to. I'd say I am about halfway done my Christmas shopping but I haven't even thought about Christmas cards or the baking I usually do with my kids. I am borrowing a swing from a friend but I still need to pull my bouncy chair out of storage and wash it. For everything I have done there still seems to be something left to do! Oh and we STILL need to decide on a name.

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I think I'm in this boat too. I need to do SO MUCH and I am just stalled thinking I have 'all the time in the world'. Hahahahaha!!

~double stroller ordered
~baby clothes washed (but not all put away yet)

To Do
~Christmas shopping
~card writing
~buy car seat
~buy crib
~buy more clothes/put them away to see what I have!
~get baby stuff down from attic
~prep cloth diapers

Whoa. I feel really behind now that I put it in list form......