6 week check

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6 week check

We had Sarah's 6 week check this morning and she has gained 3 pounds since birth putting her at a whopping 8lbs 10oz! lol, she's a tiny one. Also in the hospital they ran a hearing test on her and I guess they want to re-test. My doctor isn't concerned as it was noted there was most likely fluid in the ear still. And then at one of my 3rd tri ultrasounds they couldn't visualize both her kidneys so we go Friday for Sarah to have an ultrasound. The tech told me to try and have her bladder full... How the heck do you keep a 6 week old from peeing!?! I plan on feeding her in the waiting room and hopefully it'll be quick enough she won't pee. Biggrin

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I heard the best way to get the fluid out her ears is to let her cry ! I was suprised at this but it worked for Carter because he failed it twice then passed . So hopefully Sarah will do fine

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Way to gain Sarah! I'm glad her appointment went well. DS has to have his hearing rechecked too (I have to make that appointment soon) but we think it's fluid too. The first time they tested him it was within 12 hours of birth and our ped said that makes it pretty much irrelevant and at his discharge he almost passed it so we aren't worried. KUP on how the tests go! I would have laughed at the "full bladder" thing too. As if a 6 week old will understand that.

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You DO have a tiny girl on your hands. That's hilarious about keeping your infant from peeing. Sounds pretty impossible to me too. Heh heh. Any new pics of your baby sweetheart??