All day sickness

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All day sickness

Seven weeks Tuesday and O-M-G do I have morning sickness... all day long! I don't even want to get out of bed. Today is DH's b-day and I managed to make him breakfast, and get DS up to wake Daddy with a card, but that was all I could muster. I've barfed or felt like barfing every moment of the day today.

BLEH! I hope this passes quicker than MS with DS that was full on until 20 weeks... I lost 20 lbs with that pregnancy though, best diet I'd ever been on Wink

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Today I've been having the same feeling...bleck!

With DS#4 and DS#5 I had really no MS. I felt great! I didn't gain any weight with the last pregnancy and I'm hoping to do the same this time around, it's hard, though when nothing sounds good and then you get ravenous.

I hope you can find some relief soon!

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I had absolutely no ms with DS, this time around it's totally different. I'm sick all day every day Sad so I completely get not being able to accomplish much. I hope we all find relief by the 2nd trimester!

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I can NOT wait to feel better in 2nd trimester... Between the nautious and fatigue, it is ridiculous.

I hope you get some relief, have you found anything to help yet like B6 or anything?

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I keep counting the weeks until the second trimester in hopes I'll feel better. All day MS is terrible, you just feel like you never get a break.

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I posted something like this last week! I feel your pain! I am sick all day and I literally could sleep all day long too. I was like this in my other pregnancies too though. With my 1st DS, I was sick 7 months long. Last time I was only sick the 1st trimester and then I felt better. Not great, but better. I am hoping that is what will happen this time too. Hope you feel better!