Announced on FB today

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Announced on FB today

Here is our announcement. I posted it on fb today.

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Very cute announcement!!! Yay!!!

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So cute! That's so sweet too.

I can not wait to annouce it on Wednesday after our appointment. It's funny because I was so nervous to tell people at first, but now I am busting at the seems to tell everyone. I feel like I have kept it to myself for so long.

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very cute! its all starting to feel more real now!

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Cute announcement!!!

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Thank you everyone! I put off announcing on fb for while cuz I didn't want to deal with the negative comments...oh well! We are happy and that's all that matters, right?

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I announced when we found out the sex. People were shocked since we already have a baby at home. They were like you know how to keep a secret!

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Cute announcement, I love it! Biggrin