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Another one!

Hi ladies

I got my BFP this past Wednesday. Quite a surprise actually! I took the test because I wanted to start BCP and wanted to make sure I wasnt pg. To my surprise....I am!!!! So we are a little shocked and stunned, but happy. DH is coming around more and more to it.

I'm a little nervous since I had an ectopic before my DS and I am just paranoid. Plus I am only guessing my EDD since I have had only3 cycles back since having DS. The first 2 were only 2 weeks long, and then I got pg with this one. So I'm guessing the date on the only BD day we had (it was a busy, sick month so not much action).

I'm glad to be here and H&H 9M to all!!


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Congratulations and welcome! HH9M to you too!

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Congrats Biggrin I completely understand feeling nervous...the first trimester is such a nervous time isn't it? HH9M!

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Congrats what an exciting surprise!! Biggrin

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Here are my bfps!

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What a crazy surprise! Did you have any symptoms that you can recall now, in hindsight? My DS2 was like that. Just ONE time and.... bamm! Some babies are just destined to be. Smile HH9M and congrats!

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I did have symptoms that sort of had me thinking I was pg in the back of my mind. Lots of twinges and pulls in my uterus, and some cramping. I kept expecting af to show. I also had a few dreams that I had bfps!! seems weird but I had this with ds too. Its like my body knew I was pg and my mind was trying to tell me when I was asleep! When I got that first bfp, I was convinced it was a dream and I was going to wake up!! LOL!!

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What a pleasant surprise! Congrats!

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Congratulations! That's exciting! HH9M!

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Hi! :wavehello: HH9M!

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