Anyone else here after IF treatments? (m/c ment)

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Anyone else here after IF treatments? (m/c ment)

I have joining this forum with hopes of finding emotional support. I am pg after three years of infertility treatments and recurrent pg losses. Most recent was in Oct. I lost a trisomy 18 baby at 12 weeks. While on the May 2012 due date (tri18 due date - 5/5) forum I did find a few who were also there after IF treatments and recurrent pg losses.

As you can read in my signature, I don't have children and I am here after our first (hopefully only) IVF. I have spent much time and money to get to my current miracle and could correspondences from someone who feels similar. I am not excited about being pg. I am worried. I am not planning names or how I will tell others. There is not a glowing, blissful time for me.

With the gloomy stuff aside - I am happy to be joining another birth due date forum and truly hope this will be one I can remain on completely through the due date.

Any other IF ladies on here???

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I am so very sorry you've had such a long road in this TTC journey.

While I know I can't say I know exactly how you feel I can share with you that I feel fear about this pregnancy. I have with all of my pregnancies. And I can completely understand why and where you get the reserved feelings you have about planning, etc.

I pray that this baby continues to grow and thrive and joins you in 9 months. Your betas look very good!

On my Jan 2012 BB there were so many miracle mommies, it was astounding! People who had been trying for 15 years, or those who had just been told they would never conceive, and a few IVF miracles. They had very happy healthy pregnancies but I think all felt like you do know, that this was unbelievable.

Congrats, momma, welcome and HH9M!

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While I have never been through ivf I have had some losses. I also understand the fear of pregnancy because really there is only so much we have control of. It's like you hold your breath the entire time. this site has tons of ladies giving support so I'm sure you will always find emotional support here. Sending you positive vibes and a hh9m to you.

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While I didn't do IVF I did do treatments (clomid + ovulation trigger shot), we had been TTC for 21 months prior by a combination of scattered months of clomid and just going with the flow and hoping for the best. I have a son with my DH who is 5 and was conceived naturally after only a month of TTC so this time around it was much more frustrating. If the clomid and trigger didn't work IVF would have been our next stop.

I can completely understand being nervous about a loss, especially when you have to work to get where you are it seems like it won't last. I've spent many days worried that this won't last. I'm sending you tons of sticky vibes and hopes that your LO is healthy and happy and welcome to our board! Biggrin

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I don't have any IVF knowledge but I can offer lots of (((hugs))) and an open ear. I'm so sorry tying to conceive can be such a trying task for some families. I've made some awesome friends here at who are still struggling to complete their family (or even begin it) and listening to their frustrations and heartbreaks really humbles me and brings things in to perspective. I'll be sending the sticky baby dust cement truck to your door!! Stick little one, stick!!

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**lurker** I was wondering when you would join over here! I'm on to Feb. at this point, but will be stalking you and continuing to pray for a healthy LO for you!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. We haven't used any treatments, but did have a missed mc in our first pregnancy. I pray that everything goes well with this pregnancy for you. Congratulations.

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I don't have experience with IVF but wanted to send big ((hugs)) your way. Sounds like you've had a long and difficult journey, so I can understand your nervousness. I have had two losses so I'm nervous as well. Congrats on your BFP and I hope you can find some comfort from these boards. I wish you a HH9M!!!

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I also do not have experience with IVF. I can relate to your losses. I know how painful that is. Last December we lost our DS2 at 20 weeks. I had to deliever. Needless to say it was painful and my heart was broken and still is in many ways. I loved that baby. This pregnancy feels very different than my previous two because I am also worried. I am excited, but I just can't seem to let my guard down completely. I don't think I will be able to let it down totally until I see my little baby healthy and screaming in the delievery room. I so hope and pray that this little bean grows healthy and strong and your family feels more complete come this December. I am sure there are more women on PO that have similar experience with IVF even if there aren't really many on this board, but I hope that you can find lots of support here. I am am glad that you are here. Smile HH9M!

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First off welcome to the boards. I myself have not experienced IF but my sister-in-law has gone through 3 rounds of IVF, 2 being successful. I also have a very close friend who is in the beginning steps of IVF after numerous unsuccessful attempts (and m/c) with other forms of treatment.