Anyone else interested in a midwife for your birth experience?

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Anyone else interested in a midwife for your birth experience?

Hi all,

My first 2 were delivered vaginally but with an epidural and in a hospital environment with doctors I didn't really care for. Anyone thinking midwife this time around and have any words of advice as to where to begin?

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I have a lot of friends in south Florida who had their birth with a midwife (some at home, some at a birthing center.) Every one of them LOVED the experience. Have you found a midwife you like yet?

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I would LOVE to have a midwife but they are not availible here (not licenced or covered by NB health system) Sad

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We only have midwifes here...we don't see a dr our whole pregnancy unless there is something that a midwife can't deal with. I had to give birth in the hospital last time because I had strep B or something...but I was still completely under my midwife's care until things started going wrong and I was handed over to the drs (she stayed by my side the whole time though Biggrin ).

I liked the experience Smile

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I had a dr. for prenatal care last pregnancy, but had a ended up with a midwife for birthing. My LO came a little earlier than expected (37w4d) and our hospital tour wasn't scheduled until four days AFTER he was born. I knew I wanted a natural birth experience and my ob was on board with just staying out of my way unless one of us was in distress. When I arrived at the hospital, we were asked if we wanted a midwife or one of the on-call doctors. We didn't realize that was even an option. We decided to go with a midwife since my regular ob wasn't there. I couldn't have been happier. The only thing I didn't like about my birth experience was that my group B strep test results couldn't be found (they had just done it a few days prior) so I had to get IV antibiotics. They put in an IV, but only hooked up the antibiotics every so often (no idea how often that was...minor detail). Other than that, I walked the halls, labored in the tub, on a birthing ball, etc. It was exactly what I wanted.

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As much as I would be interested in a mid-wife, I have gone high-risk last 2 pgs so this time have been warned that I may need to be with high risk Dr from the beginning. We shall see, if we ever get pg, I guess.

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Before I knew it was going to take a millennium and all kinds of ART for me to get pregnant, I was ALL about a midwife birth. Now I think I might be considered high risk, so....not so sure that will be an option for me. Either way, I fully intend to go drug free and do everything I can to avoid a c-section. I'm one of those crunchy people that believes my body was designed to deliver babies and can do it with no interventions.

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I'd LOooOOoooVe to have a baby in the tub. I feel like that'd be the most comfortable place. But, no tubs around here or birthing centers or anything :-/. You get, the hospital or, the hospital Smile

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I'm not really sure what options will be available here but I do know that my intentions will be to labor naturally. Like Erin, my thought process is my body is made to handle/deliver a pregnancy so I might as well do what it is made to do. We'll see what happens though Wink