Anyone getting a viability u/s soon?

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Anyone getting a viability u/s soon?

I am scheduled for the viability u/s on Monday. I'll be 6w3d. I am nervous. The statistics say 97% success after a heartbeat, but I have been in the 3% before. Anyone else want to be stressed out with me about hearing a heartbeat?

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Ughh i can imagine the stress and nervousness !! Good luck

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((HUGS)) It's obvious you've been through a lot in your TTC journey. I think anyone would be nervous despite the odds being in your favor with the heartbeat. FX that everything will go great for you!! I always get somewhat nervous with ultrasounds because of the unknown, but I'm sure your little bean will do great!

KUP :goodluck:

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Not sure what type of u/s that it, but I've had 2 already. I didn't hear the hb on either, but it measured 86 on the first and 165 2 weeks later. Next u/s is at 13 weeks

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Good luck! I was super nervous at my first u/s too, I had a really bad feeling that there would be no HB - but there it was flickering away. KUP!

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I know how you feel, my journey hasn't been nearly as challenging as yours, but after 2 m/cs there is nothing more nerve wracking than the early doc appts. Sending good thought your way today....hope it goes well!

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Good luck at your appointment. I haven't had a viability US, just a dating US at 5 w 2 d (showed, an empty sack, yolk sack, and small fetal pole), I go back on the 18th for my 12 week appointment and they will attempt to find the heartbeat on the doppler. I am nervous because I had a previous missed mc where they tried to find the heartbeat with the doppler and couldn't (at this same 12 week appointment).

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Hope everything goes well today!!!!

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Hope everything goes (went) well today! I have my dating u/s on Thursday but since this is the first time I will have one (I only got a 20 week u/s with my first 2 pregnancies) I am more excited than nervous.

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Hope everything went well today!!
My first appointment is on the 29th and I normally get an u/s done. I will be so sad if they change it--there is something about seeing that baby in there that makes it all feel real.