Appointment Update

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Appointment Update

So after a very eventful appointment, I got to see my little one.

I went in and they tried to find the heartbeat and couldn't. The Dr. asked if I knew if my uterus is tilted. No one has ever told me before, so I had no idea. They brought me a few doors down and did an ultrasound (on a very old machine!) and couldn't find anything. No baby, no sac, nothing. I was very unsettled. So the Dr. offered (without me having to ask, Yay!) to set me up with the ultrasound radiologists downstairs.

They sent me down and I had the best tech. She found the baby and heartbeat right away! She let me know as soon as she saw it, and then took ton's of measurements to make sure everything was good. They baby even waved. I am measuring at 12 w 5 d instead of 11 w 6d so depending on the size of this baby and if everything goes well, I'll have my c-section right after thanksgiving. Here's a pic! Smile

I then had to go back up to the OB's and check back in. Which I did, but the receptionist never actually marked that I was back, which was frustrating. When I checked in she said she wasn't sure who would be reviewing my info and it make take a little longer to get me in. So I figured I would have to wait. I waited for an hour, then went back up to the desk and found out that she never checked me in and they didn't know I was there. Which was frustrating, but oh well.

So after all of that, it was a good appointment just very stressful.

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How scary that must have been! I'm so glad everything turned out fine with the baby. How sweet that it waved at you! I would have been livid over the receptionist screwing up twice like that. Sorry you had all that stress but what an awesome keepsake to have. Smile

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It seems like I have heard many appointments that end up being scary and frustrating for people lately. I'm sorry you had to go through that but yay for ultrasound and heartbeat and good news!

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Congrats!!! I am due the day before thanksgiving, maybe our babies will end up with the same birth date Smile

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What a great picture!! Looks like an acrobat in there!!!! So glad they got you in to make sure everything was okay!

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oh my, how frustrating! But that is a beautiful pic of your little one!!! Hi baby!!!

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Emily- I am so glad you had a good appointment! I just read your other post about being nervous. Somehow I missed both of these posts since I wasn't on PO for a little while. I am glad that they were able to let you see your baby! I would have been nervous too if they told me they couldn't find anything on the first u/s. What a way to scare a pregnant lady! Sorry about all the other stuff that went wrong. That's annoying, but I know it felt good to know your baby is healthy. Smile Congrats!

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Omg, I would have been freaking out too! Thank God you got to see your little sweetheart to set your mind at ease. Their original machine sounds like it needs retired for sure.

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SCARY! So glad you were able to get right into the radiologist and see that beautiful baby! What a great picture! So glad everything turned out so well...and to have your due date moved up!