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Appointment update

So my Ob said........... NOTHING! Lol. I guess my BH contractions are just happening for fun, huh? That's ok though. I want baby to be ready at his own pace. No rush. My cervix IS very soft at least.
I'm curious about induction and what you guys think. I was lucky enough to not tread in the *danger zone* with either son, but you never know since one pregnancy is nothing like the next. How long would you wait before getting induced? If you Dr says, 'lets go!' and you don't feel comfortable doing that, how do you approach the situation? I just want to prepare myself I guess......

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That is great that your cervix is softening at least! That is definitely helpful for when you do go into labor.

As far as induction goes... For me, I would (and did) only consider it if A) something was wrong or moving toward being wrong or Dirol I hit the full 42 week mark.

As far as how I would handle it... I think that would depend on how my provider framed it up and how they treated me in the discussion. If they were respectful then I would be too but if not Mama *itch would probably come out.

I hope you don't end up having to make that decision! Smile

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My Dr is going to let me go a few days past my due date but only because I have had placenta issues. Normally he would let me go closer to 42 weeks. I had anIinDuction last time and it was horrible. I will take it over a c/s though. It really just depends on your body. Good luck! Are u making any attempts at anythingtanythingthat has been said to start labor?

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I haven't done anything *yet* to get labor ready. I don't know why either! With DS2 I took EPO and RRL tea and my water broke 2 weeks early and that was that. I did, however, have to be induced b/c my labor wouldn't start. I wish all labors were fun and predictable. Wouldn't that make it sooooo much easier?

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I have been induced with 2 of my kids. It wasn't bad, but it was my decision...not because of problems. If your dr. says he wants to induce you and you are not ready, I would have a good discussion and listen to his/her point of view--be objective--before making a decision. Good luck, Marie! KUP
p.s What is EPO? (You'd think I would know, but I have no idea!)

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If I was in a low risk pregnancy where baby didn't need to come out so soon, I'd be fine with going to 41+ weeks so long as baby was fine. As far as how I'd approach induction offers early (say pre EDD) I'd be honest about my concerns with induction, ask why they'd want to do it/are offering etc just so that we're all on the same page.

Because most ICP moms get induced at 37 on the nose, I was freaking out when I learned that my OB wanted to do my amnio at 37+1 (Friday) and induce at 37+4 (the following Monday) if the amnio showed lung maturity. They said I could change it to tomorrow and Friday but knowing that if it was immature, we wouldn't go forward with induction until 38 weeks. It was hard, but I decided that for our situation best odds are the Friday/Monday set up as I can always go in if I get nervous about LO and where as I've been in progressive early labor for almost two weeks, there's a chance I can skip the induction entirely.

Just remember that you know your situation best, and that things can change at the drop of a hat so don't be discouraged by not being dilated yet. A soft cervix is an awesome start and every contraction is a step in the right direction.

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You have a while. As others shared, your changes can happen quickly. Smile

*IF* the topic of induction comes up, I agree that I would listen but unless there was a medical reason that could be shown (baby in distress or my body going into Pre-e for example), I would want to wait. With my own doc, we agreed (medical reasoning not incl.) -- not to even discuss induction until I was 41+ and then look for it around the 42 week mark as long as I was comfortable and babe was ok.

While my first arrived 2 weeks early on his own with water breaking, etc. -- the "norm" for me was to go over. Most of the time, I was so busy that it worked out just fine!

Good luck! Smile Looking forward to seeing your updated family pics!