Awesome phone call I received this afternoon!

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Awesome phone call I received this afternoon!

Local news station was runing a back to school makeover contest. I entered a contest for back to school, I told them my kids are going back to school and I need a makeover! Apparently my picture was on the news today. My mom called me an told me I was on there. Anyways, I got a call from the station and they picked me!! I go for my makeover on thursday! First a turkey, now a makeover. I'm glad I didn't make a hair apt like I was going to this week..

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How fun for you!!!

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That is so awesome! I would be thrilled cause I am in desperate need of a makeover myself. After all your stress with doctors, it's nice to have something fun and relaxing to look forward too. Smile

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HOW FUN!!! Yes, you deserve this with all the stress you've been going through with the doctors. I hope you get some pampering time!!! I have a friend that is constantly entering to win contests and she wins a lot! Two trips to Hawaii, in fact. Maybe I should enter things more often... Smile

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That's awesome! Congrats!! You so deserve to be pampered with all you've had to go through with the OB stufff.

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I'm so nervious. I have to go on tv on friday for the reveal... Should be fun. Who am I kidding, I'll have a blast! Crazy part is, I have giftcards I bought from groupon for the same services, but never have time to use them. I had to play with my schedule to get the day off. Good thing I work with some great people.

On a different note, i have to work with my boss this weekend. I haven't seen him in a couple of months. I wonder if he's gong to figure out that I'm pregnant.....