Baby is a....

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Baby is a....


We are very excited. At the beginning of the pregnancy I did think it was a boy and then for the longest time now I have thought that it was a girl so I was very surprised.

The kids are excited. They liked going to the ultrasound and we're good for about 20 minutes before my MIL had to take them out of the room, so not too bad.

The tech didn't get good shots, and at my appointment after the Dr said they are going to schedule me for another ultrasound because they didn't get enough shots of the heart or spine. It is very hard to see and the baby looks really squished in there to me.

I'm wondering what that bump is in the middle of the frame, the ultrasound tech said it was a contraction. Not quite sure what that means, I guess I'll have to wait until the next ultrasound to find out.


It's a boy

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Congrats on your boy, welcome to team blue!! Maybe when he said the bump is a contraction he meant a braxton hicks and it is showing because the muscles are tensed up right there?

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I googled it and that is what was mentioned in other posts. I have been having more and more that I feel, with my other two I never had any BH that I could feel.

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Emily, congrats on your little boy! Smile

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Congrats! Team blue is coming out strong! Hope they figure out and give more details on the bump/ contraction.

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Congrats and welcome to team blue!!

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:yahoo:Emily, congratulations on your baby boy!

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yay for team blue!

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Congrats on a boy!! Smile

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congrats! I had no clue mine was a boy either... With 3 girls, we figure it would just be another....

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Congrats on your little BOY! Maybe it's BH and they just feel different then with previous pregnancies because it's a new/different baby? I'm sure if they're concerned about it they'll do a cervical check at your next u/s and ask a thousand questions. Glad your new LO is looking good overall and that the kids did well with the u/s. Biggrin

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Congrats!! Love the pics!