Baby's first pics

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Baby's first pics

Will you do a first photo shoot for your LO? Any holiday themes?

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I love the idea though if we do anything, it won't be professionally done as we're trying to save money. Perhaps in the spring we'll spend the extra money but I do LOVE holiday themed photo shoots (and newborn shoots in general). Biggrin

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Can't wait to put this baby in a Christmas stocking and take a picture. Wink

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I did newborn shots of my last one and I loved them! Wish I had done them with my first two! I have a nice camera and might try doing my own newborn shots, but if they don't come out well or if I just don't feel up to it, I will have them done. I probably won't do a holiday theme since I like to display the newborn shots for a long time (I STILL have my 3 year old's newborn shots on display because they are so cute!).

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I have an appointment to do professional pics when my LO gets here! I loveeee newborn professional pictures ! I think i will probally get two pictures and then make copies! Prob one holiday one regular!

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We went to sears, they were nice, and jcpenny, they sucked! I got a bunch of free deals.. Olan mills does baby photos until 4 months f age. I gots to get my but moving on that one