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Baby's room

How many of you have started organizing the baby's room? We just finished moving our 2 older kids into one room and now that the third bedroom is sitting empty I have an overwhelming urge to get in there and start setting things up. I can't set up the crib or move furniture around until after our Thanksgiving (early October) as we need the room for a guest bed but I really REALLY want to get the baby's clothes washed and put into the dresser... 11 weeks to go, that's not too early is it?

Twice I have almost bought newborn diapers at the store but then talked myself out of it as "they will be on sale again before I need them". I have bought nursing pads, some new bottles, drop in liners, baby teethers and soothers as they were clearing out the old packaging at 50% off.

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I feel the same way! Right now our nursery is DH's office so he needs to move lots of his stuff out in order for us to put in the baby stuff. We are actually going to leave his desk in there because we literally have no where else to put it right now. So there will be all this cute little baby stuff in there and a desk. Oh well. I guess I got my perfect nursery the 1st go around. This time we will just make the best of it. I still feel the need to get it all organized though!

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I've been getting anxious. Because so much of our baby stuff is packed from moving last winter, I have a little to-do list for each week but the big preparation stuff I've put off until October. I'm just nervous I'll be put on bed rest and not be able to get anything done, and then we'll have hardly anything set up because DH works such long hours.

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Unfortunately, I don't get to do a new room for this LO as she will be sharing a room with her older sister. The room is REALLY small too. I have to say, I have the greatest urge to move now! haha! I love our house and neighborhood all except for the ultra small bedrooms. Guess that's not enough justification to move right now--well, not according to my DH anyway! LOL

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Itching to get started too! I started painting the mural. Last weekend I put the crib together. I've bought supplies to do faux roman shades which I'm really excited about. Still need a rug for the room and some sheets that match the colors better.

When I go to BJs this week I'll probably get diapers and dreft. Sooo excited!!!!

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Our LOs will share a room (eventually) too. DD is in the master because the second bedroom upstairs has a bathroom in it, and we knew the kids would share so we could keep them upstairs with us. Her room is a dusty rose sort of color. I'm hoping to paint it more neutral next spring, but if not it's not so pink that we can't decorate it to make it more neutral. I'm just glad my FIL loves painting!

Oh and OT but I am so envious of all the September/October mamas that will be able to put their newbies in all the adorable halloween stuff that's out right now.