back pain that wakes me up at night help!?!?maybe be tmi

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back pain that wakes me up at night help!?!?maybe be tmi

I am 7 weeks pregnant after and for the past two weeks I have had lower back pain that wakes me up at night 2-3 hours after going bed. This maybe tmi but the pain is in the lower back and cramping. I sometimes break out in a sweat and it feels like I need to have a bowel movement but nothing happens. I have tried a warm shower, heating pad and having my husband massage my back...the pain usualy subsides with in 30-45mins and I am able to go back to sleep. The pain has only been at night, never during the day. Has anyone else ever had this? I have a dr's appointment next week hoping to get some answers...

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I have a lot of back issues in general (I have vertebra that is slipped forward), as well as issues with my connective tissues caused by my OI. With my pregnancies I have found that sleeping with a pillow between my legs helps. I am usually a stomach sleeper, so this also helps me stay off my belly as much. I was at my sister's this past weekend and she let me use her pregnancy pillow. I got THE best sleep using that thing. It was big enough to wrap all the way around me, supporting my back, tucking the one part between my legs... it was like I was in my own little nest... it was GREAT. I definitly recommend trying that. Also, maybe talk to your doc about stool softeners. It sounds like you may have a little bit of constipation going on. Very common. The digestive system slows down during pregnancy so you can absorb more nutrients. During the day being up right and moving around can help keep things going. Also, drinking more water before bed can help... yes, you will have to pee more so you may just end up trading one night disturbance for another.

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I had hydronephrosis (kidney issue) which caused serious pain only at night when I was pg. It's not that uncommon in pg women. My doctor thought it might have been a gallbladder or pancreas issue until he saw my enlarged kidney and ureter on an ultrasound. Hope you feel better soon!

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OK totally non related to your question.... but I feel like there is nothing on this forum that is TMI (although I do appreciate the heads up). That's the beauty of an online forum that's for the most part anonymous..... we get to ask those super embarrassing and gross questions that you might not ask your girlfriends. Smile

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I'm thinking maybe it could be kidney issues as well. Ever have a kidney infection or kidney stones? I have had both and that's where I feel the pain--lower back. Maybe you don't feel it much during the day since you are more active. I'm so sorry you are in pain and I hope the doc can figure it out and correct it quickly!! KUP on what the doc says. Feel better soon!

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Thanks for the info....I have never had any kidney issues, bladder infections etc...will just wait and see what the dr says on Monday Smile

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I second the pregnancy body pillow or sleeping with a pillow between your legs recommendation. Whenever my back is sore, that fixes it right away. I hope it's nothing serious and your doctor can give you some insight on Monday. KUP