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For all the ladies that have been spotting have your dr's told you not to bathe but to only shower? I have been spotting off and on since Saturday, just pink and brown not really bright red and I would love to just soak in the tub for a while, but not sure if it is safe. I don't have an OB yet waiting on my I don't have anyone to call. Thanks in advance!!!

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I had some spotting and I saw my OB on the 24th and talked to him about it, he didn't say anything to me about not taking a bath or really anything to avoid. I think they usually just suggest not taking one once your water has broke, which we won't hopefully have to deal with for a long long time.

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There is this old wives tale about bathing and M/C so I avoided it for the first few weeks. But it is probably nothing...

From an infection perspective...I have been told to avoid hot pools and public spas but not bathing. I was told to avoid bathing when I had a biopsy on my cervix, but that is a different story.

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When we got married, I was in my last trimester. Our room for the night had a whirlpool tub and I asked my OB about whether or not it was safe to use it (I was concerned about the jets). She said that it was fine and the infection risk is really no different then any other time. Apparently bathing has a general risk of infection because you're sitting in water that isn't being washed away. Had no problems soaking in the bath. The only thing they warned me about was making sure it wasn't too hot as I prefer my water super hot.

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I was concerned about this with my BFP a few months ago. I read online (take THAT with a grain of salt) that you shouldn't bath in water warm enough to raise your body temp. Our shower was broken and I was really worried about bathes and LO. Hope your bleeding stops soon.

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I had bright red bleeding and then purplish spotting, I wasn't advised not to take baths. I hate showers, so I would still take a bath neways. You just have to watch the temp. U can get overheated quickly.

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I usually spot/bleed for the first month or so and I have never heard anything about not bathing. Like PP have said, just pay attention to the temp of your water--not too hot.