BD timing question

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BD timing question

I got a positive OPK today. We plan on BDing tonight (Sunday).

Since there is no way I can convince DH to BD three nights in a row, should we also BD Monday night, or skip Monday and BD Tuesday?

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Sperm can supposedly live 3 or so day inside of you.... Infact they say that "boy" sperm are faster, but that "girl" sperm live longer. I say BD as much as you want. If you cant get DH to BD that much, then today for sure, and then Tuesday... just to increase the your odds of having sperm available for as long as possible... though, if you BD today and tomorrow but not Tuesday that may also increase your odds. Dang it, why do those tests have to have such a varied time frame Sad

Also, there are things he can be doing to increase chances of things. (TMI) Not masterbating at all while you are trying helps. Also, him drinking something with caffeine 1 to 2 hrs before you BD I have heard helps the little guys swim faster... just what I've heard.

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What I've heard mirrors what Kier said. BD as much as you want/can and cross your fingers. I haven't got a positive OPK yet this cycle, but because I've got all my typical O symptoms, I'm just trying to get DH to BD as much as we can. :goodluck: KUP!

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Since there is no way I can convince DH to BD three nights in a row,QUOTE]

Ha! This is so my DH. I can't help but oogle at women's charts when they show BDing every day and sometimes twice a day. That's just crazy.

I would do every other - but that comes from a place of having a cycles with delayed O so I'd be suspicious that the +OPK doesn't necessarily mean it will happen right away. I would say you probably know your cycles best. If based on history you think that Monday is the day - I'd do Sun/Mon.

I know - I'm no help, right?

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I would say either every other or 2 days in row and skip a day and then once more for good measure. The sperm can make it longer than 3 days too, we are proof of that this time (more like 5 days, geez!). Amazing after how long it took us to get pregant with our first.

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Well this was a moot point. Let's just say BDing didn't happen, and it wasn't because of me. Finger's crossed that the window of 12-36 hours is on the later side and BDing happens tonight. We did BD three days ago, so there is a slight chance anyways.

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Sorry to hear about the BDing. My DH is not as "compliant" as I'd like him to be either. Really ticks me off, and we've fought about it. Bt, it doesn't seem to help. It's just so frustrating when u have a plan, and it doesn't happen, and it's not because of you. Hugs......

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I'm so sorry it didn't happen! My DH is the same way and I take it so personal sometimes. I feel like men should always want to go to it and why doesn't he want to BD with me... but I'm learning that most men are like this and not to take it personal. Hugs mama! Hopefully next month will work out better.