Birth Plan?

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Birth Plan?

Does anyone have a birth plan in place? I didn't do anything super official with DD... but this time around there are a couple of things that I have in mind that if I can tell the nurses up front may help me to get what I want. So I have a little index card to remind myself.... these are the 3 things that I want from my delivery.

Do you have a plan? No matter how detailed or loose or even just in your head?

No IV until Epidural - Last time they hooked me up right away and I was really most comfortable walking around during contractions. I'd like to see if they'll agree not to put in an IV until we do the epidural or put in one of those special ones that's closes off and you can unhook from the med stand.

Avoid Pitocin if possible
- Last time they were looking to push it and I was able to request that they let me progress on my own so hoping for the same experience.

Make sure I get to see the baby before taking her away - With DD I know they placed her on my chest while they rubbed her down before taking her to be weighed and letting me deliver the placenta and get some stitches. But it was such a crazy time and seemed so short that I don't even remember seeing her face or getting to look into her eyes. I want to make it a point to ask the nurses to be sure that I've had a chance to look my new baby in the eye before we move onto the next thing.

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Yes I had specific things I wanted to go over this time around too. I don't know how much they are going to let me do with all my issues though. I also wanted more freedom to move around. Last time I was induced and just had to sit there. I want immediate skin to skin. I didn't get that last time around.. I would also like to risk tearing than do an episiotomy.

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I dont see why they should put an IV in before an epidural. No reason whatsoever!! At most an IV lock, but no reason to have one running. Also, you should be able to avoid pitocin as long as you and baby are doing ok.
I hear you about not seeing your LO. Simon was in distress at the end during pushing so they whisked him away from me, which I understand but as long as baby is ok i'd love him/her to be on my chest for more than a second.

I'm reaaaaaaally hoping to avoid induction this time and also hope I am not GBS + this time. I want to labour at home as long as possible, and I know if you're GBS + they want you in sooner to give antibiotics and you HAVE to go in when your water breaks, even if you're not in labour yet. Plus those antibiotics really hurt for some reason!!!

I also want to go without an epidural this time, though i dont regret last time, since it was hard induced back labour. I think this baby is face up right now too but hopefully will turn over before labour.

DH doesnt want to cut the cord so I guess I will (which i didnt get to do last time either) but once again not a deal breaker. I was more concerned whether DS was ok at that point. Oh, and avoid the eye goop for an hour or so.

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I was told when u are on pitocin u have to have the iv.. so I guess its just about avoiding pitocin. Pitocin gets the sole blame on my horrible labor last time so I am really hoping and praying I won't have to use it again

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I don't really have a birth plan. With DS1 I had all these things I wanted to do/have done and of course, nothing went my way. LOL Baby boy had a mind of his own! With DS2 everything was a big surprise. My water broke early. No labor started. And I had to have pitocin because no contractions would start up and my cervix was closed up like fort knox. Ironically, I am a GOOD pitocin story in that my labor was not that painful and went much, much quicker than my first. I think that the unknown is what makes me so apprehensive about labor. No matter what you want, baby's have the final say. Eeeeeeee!!

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I don't really have a birth plan beyond delivering here in my home town which is an iffy until the end of the month when the December hospital schedule comes out and my doctor and I will know if there is c-section backup in the next town over.

I don't have the option of an epidural in my small town hospital so this will be a natural delivery provided I can deliver here in town. I did deliver my DD naturally as I dilated so fast (5 to 10cm in 20 minutes) so I know I can do it and would make the choice to do it again naturally, even if I can't deliver here in town.

My only real sticky point is that my parents are going to be in town the week I am due and my mother is an emotional basket case. I would really like my 2 older kids (who will be brought to the hospital by my parents after I deliver) to meet and have a private moment with DH, baby and I before my parents come into my room and the hysterics (I am not kidding here folks) begin. I just don't know how to tell my parents this without severely upsetting my mother. Oh the joys...

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I started working on my birth plan the day I got home from my last l&d stint about a month ago. All I did was copy/paste DD's plan which is pretty much what I got.

My big things are: not to be offered pain medications, I'll ask if I want it but I fully plan on another natural child birth. No IV but okay with heplock (especially as I hemorrhaged with DD). So long as babe and I are fine, free of time restraints/pressures. If I make it to induction, I have some specifics about things I do not feel comfortable using for induction methods and lists of things I'd like to use as alternatives (pumping, pressure points etc). I don't anticipate induction to be an issue the way my body is and with my cervix having started to efface so early, I'll be amazed if I'm not at least at little dilated by 37 weeks.