Brianne's Birth Story

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Brianne's Birth Story

Brianne Kristine
Friday Dec 7th at 3:20am
9lbs, 20.5in
39wks, 6days

This story starts with my due date. This baby was very much planned for and because we'd been charting I thought my due date was 12/8. Based on LMP and baby's size at the first u/s they made my due EDD 12/4. BUT.... I was convinced that I was having a November baby. With DD I went into labor on her due date. I thought for sure that with a second I'd go early.

I was pretty miserable at the end.... walking around 2cm dialated and having contractions... although it wasn't my EDD yet I felt like I was overdue... especially because my belly was so big and out there. Monday afternoon my BH contractions were getting regular and even increasing in frequency. I took my dog for a long walk and halfway through the walk I called DH to give him a heads up that this might be it. Even texted my MIL to be on alert. But then, nothing. At my DR appt on Tue, the doc said I was "3 but closer to 4" and she scheduled an induction for Tue 12/11 but said that she would be "very surprised" if I made it to that appointment. Tuesday night, laying in bed, I was feeling sharp pains in my cervix and thought for sure we'd be heading to the hospital. I couldn't believe when I woke up the next morning still pregnant. Wed was uneventful.

On Thursday I started feeling very much like Monday with BH contrax increasing in frequency, but not painful. I was determined to keep them going. I took the dog for a walk. Then, after much internal debate (and posting on here), I took a half dose of caster oil at 2:30pm. I took a quick nap. Then the caster oil started working and I did have to head to the bathroom to "clear out". At 4:30 I decided to try timing the contractions to see if they were increasing in frequency or even regular. From 4:30 to 5:30 they were 10min apart and at the end of the hour 8 min apart. When DH got home with my daughter a little later I asked him if he wanted to have a baby that night. Smile So I called the DR to see if they'd ok me to come in. Then DH called his parents to come over to watch DD. My MIL is a nurse and was working until 7:15 and couldn't get to our house until 8:00. That worked out perfectly since the contractions were still fairly far apart. They arrived right on time and by that time my contractions were 3min apart.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30. I was 4cm at my check, but I wasn't totally surprised by that. The nurse said we could walk the halls for an hour and if I progressed I could stay, if not, we'd have to decide what to do next. Walking with DH was actually nice... kind of like a date... we chatted about random stuff. Contractions got more intense, but not crazy. The next check she said I'd made "a little progress" but wouldn't give a number. She consulted w/the DR (who was delivering another baby) and they said I could stay. I was GBS positive, so they had to put in an IV but they let me do a hep-lock so that after the antibiotics were done I could walk and labor (Request #1 from my birth plan!). The nurse confirmed that I was planning an Epidural for this labor and while we waited for the antibiotics to get here she started a bag of fluid (guess fluids are needed before they do the epi). So between that, paperwork and the GBS meds I had to stay in bed until 11:30 or so. I didn't mind laying down as much as I did with DD. The Epi doc was on the floor and they asked if I wanted to go ahead and get it but I knew I hadn't progressed very much yet and i wanted to labor on my own longer. I was worried about the Epi stalling out the labor. I labored in the room from 11:30-12:30 and then had my next check and was 7cm. This time I said "yes" to the Epi because it was getting painful. (birth plan request #1... labor to 7cm) So I needed to get back into the bed to finish getting fluids. at 12:45am my water broke. Woah. Last time the dr broke my water after I'd already had the Epi. My goodness... contractions post-water breaking are something else. Very painful. That Epi couldn't come fast enough. Set up, paperwork etc... it was 1:30 when the Epi was in and the relief was wonderful. Based on my only experience ever, the birth of DD1, I was expecting to sleep until morning and have the baby then. We did try to sleep. It was restless because the hb monitor wasn't picking up the baby very well, so the nurse kept coming in to adjust. A little after 2:30 when the nurse was in I asked "would it be strange if I said that I was feeling "pushy" urges?" She said, nope.... took a peek and confirmed that I was fully dialated and ready. She suggested we do a couple of practice pushes to see how close it is before calling the doc. We pushed through 2 contractions and the nurse got the Dr. We pushed a little longer and there she was. Total pushing time was 20 min. What a difference from DD1 and pushing for 90min... I was so much more alert/aware of what I was doing. I could tell by my nurse and DRs reactions when I was pushing the right way. Then, I was able to curl up and see the head out and push the rest of the way. They let me announce the gender, then put her on my chest. I'm not sure how long she was there... but it was enough for me to really get a good look (birth plan request #3). I can remember just saying "that was so amazing" over and over.

The placenta came out on its own, I didn't even have to push. 2nd degree tear but doc stitched me quickly. I think DD was back in my arms for her first BFing around 5:30. Smile

I really did get everything that I wanted in my delivery - except that I wished it happened sooner! I feel so lucky, it was a great experience.

Recovery has been physically so much easier than with DD1. Couple of issues, like painful engorgement and I haven't pooped since the delivery! But all in all, better. My time at the hospital was very lonely. Although DD1 spent time with my in-laws, DH hardly spent any time at the hospital. He was cleaning the house, grocery shopping etc... which is great... but I missed having him there. It was nice to come home. My mom came to help and my dad came for the weekend. They all left today, and DH and DD went back to work and school so today is the first day of a new routine. Loving it so far.

Thanks for reading my novel! Smile

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What a great birth story, Kristy! I'm so glad everything worked out so well!!!! That castor oil is some amazing stuff, apparently!!! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful Brianne! WTTW Bree!!!

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I agree, sounds like the perfect birth! I'll remember your castor oil trick if DS3 decides he doesn't want to come out. Heh heh.

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What a great birth story! I'm so happy for you that everything went so smoothly and that you got all of your wishes for l&d. I love the idea of laboring to 7 cm before getting an epi as it seems to stall labor so easily if given too early. Glad you're settling into your new routine well. Biggrin

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