Brownish CM

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Brownish CM

I am a little scared...the other day when I went to the bathroom and wiped I had some brownish/tan CM. I kept going back to the bathroom to check for more and there was none. Then last night I had a wet feeling so I went to the bathroom and I had some more of the same CM...I haven't really had any cramping besides some very mild ones here and there that actually feels more like stretching.
Morning sickness started on Tuesday and I feel awful, which leads me to believe that my bean is growing well, but another part of me is REALLY scared that something else is going on Sad

Should I call my Dr. about the CM or just wait it out to see if it gets worse?

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I'm so sorry. In general if you were to research, 1st T bleeding is very common and doesn't mean anything is wrong. I know that probably doesn't make you feel any better about it. But sometimes if you read that it's normal over and over it helps calm the nerves.

I'm never shy about calling.... it doesn't hurt to ask an expert and maybe they'd even let you come in for an early u/s.

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I would call them and let them know what is going on. I had same issue with last dd and this pregnancy. they can do a quick internal u/s to find out some info. With my case, I'm passing clots. No clue why, but the little bean still had a heartbeat. Of coarse I was a little freaked out since it was bright red yesterday, now it's brown and almost stopped. It could be something, or get nothing. Better to get checked out.

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Never hurts to call and check. I am sure it is nothing. Lots and lots of women have spotting or brownish CM in the early days of pregnancy because the little bean is getting settled into your uterus.

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I did call the office and spoke with a nurse, she is going to have one of the MW call me back. I'll update when I know more!

Thanks for your support and advice Smile

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I had some brown spotting last Sunday for just half the day and it's now completely gone. Most women I spoke to about it said they remember having some brown spotting in the beginning. It's a good idea to talk to your doctor. We are military so I don't have one yet....ha! I have to take a class and all kinds of stuff before I actually get a doc.

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They want me to take a class... umm this is #4 people!! I think I know the process. 6pm with 3 kids, i dont think so. I was suposed to do 1on1 yesterday, but I bailed since I was in the office in the morning. That lady has jury duty next week, so who knows if we can meet....

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I got my first ultrasound last night and the doctor could see just a little blood above the cervix and he said don't be surprised if you see a little spotting. It might be spotting or it might get absorbed. But if you are uncertain call your doctor!

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Mandy, thinking of you! All the ladies had great advice/past experiences so I have nothing more to add. I'm sure it's nothing but i'll be anxiously awaiting an update all the same. Smile

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I spoke with the MW, she didn't seem to overly concerned. She said that it can be normal but to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse with cramping to go to the ER. She made sure to put me in for an u/s at my appt. on Tues to check on everything. Now to get through the next 4 days till my appt...ugh

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Definitely keep an eye on it but I am glad to hear she wasn't too concerned. My friend spotted/bled for the first 6 months and she has a happy, healthy DD now.

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Glad they are not worried. My midwife always told me that blood is okay, cramping is okay but cramping + blood is when you should be concerned.

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Have you and your husband been BDing? If so, that can irritate the cervix. It sometimes doesnt even shed for a day or so after the actual act. When your prego your cervix's blood supply increases significantly. Which, makes it more prone to bleeding.

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I'm glad you got to talk to your MW and that she put in for the u/s. I'm sure the u/s is more for your reassurance then anything, but it's always good to know.

I had some spotting around 5 or 6 weeks with DD and it turned out to be nothing other then my cervix being irritated from BDing. Still is hard to be scared like that though!! I'm sure your u/s and appointment will go great! Thinking of you. Biggrin