for BTDT moms - Car seating arrangement question

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for BTDT moms - Car seating arrangement question

We have a sedan and a small SUV. Right now DD is in a forward facing car seat. I remember when she was born, they made a big deal about how the car seat shoudl be in the middle.... and if it couldn't be in the middle, there was a particular side it should go on. Now that there are two... Do I try to put the infant seat in the middle? Or does that not work safely? Any particular side the infant seat should go on vs. the other car seat?

Thanks... guess I need to check out safety websites too... but thought I'd ask you ladies first Smile

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I'm not much help...I've always tried to put baby in the middle and the carseat/booster seat next to the baby on the passenger side, but I don't know what the recommendation is. We have a minivan with 1 auto sliding door, so that's the side the kids are on. GL and let us know what you find out!

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I was just wondering about this too as I want to get the infant car seat installed in the next few weeks. I haven't been able to find anything specific (with good resources) on installing multiple car seats, but it might be worth a call to your local fire department to see if they have any recommendations. I'm also going to check our car seat's manual to see if there are any tips in there on the subject.

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We did a car seat clinic a few years back when I had my daughter. I was told that if the infant cannot be in the middle then behind the passenger seat is the next best place. I'd try the infant in the middle and the toddler behind the passenger IF there is no danger of the older child hurting the infant, sometimes it's hard to keep their little hands off their siblings. If that doesn't fit then the oldest child should go behind the driver with the infant behind the passenger.

Hope that helps!

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I never put the baby in the middle.. I put them to the driver's side do it was easy for me.. i have no clue what I'm going to do with 2 babies.. I guess I have a month to figure that out..

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We have 2 boosters and a baby seat now. No problem for our van but we found all three do not fit in my backseat of my car. Very rarely does all 3 have to be in my car and usually just a short ride home when we do, but my oldest might periodically have to ride in the front on her booster with all the recomendations for that. Either pushed back farthest from the airgbag or with the airbag disconnected on that side.

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My car has a weird backseat where the middle seat is slightly raised so I never put my DD in the middle (car manual recommends avoiding it if possible). They *say* behind the passenger seat is the next safest but that doesn't make sense to me because I've been on two accidents both of which I was hit on my passenger side. So I decided to put her behind my seat. When DS was born, I found it was easier to put him in first on the passenger side then walk DD over to my side with me to strap her although it required teaching her to stand right next to me while unloaded him. Now they are opposite because DD's preschool unloads her on the passenger side but preferred the other way. JMO.

If you can fit them next to each other (and trust your older child not to hurt/feed/etc the baby), they recommend putting the youngest/most vulnerable in the center. HTH