Can one live on jelly beans alone??

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Can one live on jelly beans alone??

Ugh. This lack of appetite/nausea is driving me batty. Nothing sounds good or tastes right and just makes me gag in general. Soooo sour jelly belly's are doing the trick. What crazy food/snack have you been munching on lately?

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Up until around cinco de mayo, I was all into chips and salsa. Now nothing sounds very good. I had a fried egg sandwich that was good the other morning, but mostly it's reduced fat ritz crackers to keep the nausea under control. It doesn't help that I'm starving every two hours no matter how much I eat.

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I haven't had any sickness yet *fingers crossed* but with my first, I'd get nauseous mid-morning and have to get McDonald's fries and a coke at lunch to make it through the rest of the day!

Terrible, I know, but it seriously saved me. Never a burger (I would gag at the thought) just the fries and coke! *shrug* You have to get through however you can!

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I'm glad you have at least found something you can stomach. Ugh, that sounds hard. I haven't had any morning sickness yet either, just some slight nausea here and there. Even without MS though, smells are making me sick. Even just the thought of certain smells!! My friends were talking about eating at a . . . don't know if I can say it without upchucking . . . s.u.s.h.i. bar . . . blech . . . and just talking about it was making me VERY queasy. Even typing it gives me the chills!! LOL Needless to say that I don't like (that place that I can't mention) in general, but right now the very thought of it has me sick!!

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Granny smith apples are my fail safe right now. I don't know if it the tartness of them or what but I am eating at least 2 a day.

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Yup I can only do toast. Everything else makes me gag or simply just comes right back up. Especially dairy. In any form I'm hugging the toilet for a long time.

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I am feeling relatively good still, but have the "nothing sounds good" problem. Oranges have been tasting really good to me, though.

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I feel like I am constantly yo-yoing from one extreme to the other. One minute EVERYTHING sounds delicious, and the next I want absolutely nothing to do with food. Also I think I am starving only to be unable to finish my sandwich, and then an hour later the hunger will just come out of nowhere so fast. I haven't actually been sick but I do get some nausea or these feelings of extreme hunger.

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Apples, pineapple, grapes, grapefruit, strawberries, mmmmmm. Fruit is my big thing. It's funny too because everyone at work keeps making comments on how healthy I am eating. That's what they think since they don't know I am pregnant. Smile