Cervix check

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Cervix check

Have you ever done it? I am sooooo curious since I've been having BH contrax all day. *Could* they be doing anything down there? Never have I dialated before starting labor, so why should my body start now? But that doesn't stop me from dreaming!

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I've done it when I was TTCing but that's obviously a different purpose. Wink I haven't tried in this pregnancy only because of how amazingly posterior my cervix has been lately, and not wanting to stir things up too early. My body seems to go from zero to sixty with active labor so I don't need to push that just yet.

When's your next appointment?

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I have never done it on my own probably just for the fear of introducing bacteria or something in there. Good luck if you try it out! Who knows, maybe you're dilating with this one!

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Ive never done it im too scared lol