Cleared One Hurdle!

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Cleared One Hurdle!

When I went in last week for my prenatal appointment I was measuring 2cm smaller than normal. My doctor also figured that the baby was laying OP (or sunny side up) against my spine. She scheduled an ultrasound to check my fluid levels and to confirm baby's position.

I just got back from the ultrasound and the fluid levels are normal! Praise the Lord because if I had low fluid levels it would mean being referred to an obstetrician 2 hours away and possible bed rest which with 2 kids I would not be able to manage! Also baby is laying transverse against my right side instead of OP and that is excellent news as it means more chance of her turning before delivery. My first was OP and having experienced back labour once I was really not looking forward to experiencing it again!

It was really neat for me to have an ultrasound this late in the pregnancy as with my first 2 kids I just had one at 20 weeks. I couldn't believe how we could see everything so clearly. We could even see the eyeballs and see her looking around. It also amazed me how one tiny movement (she lifted her chin) resounded so clearly against my belly! Here I am thinking she's kicking or punching me all the time and she's probably just shrugging her shoulders or turning her head!

Now the next hurdle to tackle is to make sure that the next closest town (20 minutes away) will have c-section coverage when I go into labour or else they can't deliver me here, I have to travel 2 hours away to the nearest city. I should know the schedule by mid-November so now I play the waiting game!

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First of all - how awesome getting a 3rd T U/S. Hope they gave you some 3D images. Very cool.

I feel like it's so early to be worrying about position, right? But maybe because they wanted to check fluid levels, getting confirmation of positioning was a bonus. I'm always wondering what I'm feeling and can never tell. Then the OB comes in and is like oh here is this, and there is that. Guess they just know.

I cannot IMAGINE potentially being 2hrs away from where I'd be delivering. Around here, because everything is so close, they recommend patients can wait until contrax are 3min apart. I'm guessing if you have a 2hr drive you're probably in the car after feeling the first contraction! And you all will have snow by then, right? so that could be another challenge. Well hopefully the local hospital will have coverage.

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So glad everything looked good and you got to see little baby again! Smile

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How awesome that she's in a more ideal position and that your fluid levels are good! Bed rest is impossible with LOs to look after and having to drive all that way would be such a hassle. Third trimester ultrasounds can be so fun! It really makes things hit home.

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Yay for seeing that sweet baby again! I *should* have another u/s soon and am excited too b/c I've never had a late one before either. I HATE back labor too. But then, what woman would like it? It was horrible with DS1 and I was new to the game and didn't know any different. Does your OB recommend exercises to make sure baby stays in the right position?

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So glad you had a good appointment and got to see baby! I haven't ever had a 3rd tri u/s. I bet you got some great pics! Hopefully your hospital has c/s capacity for you--I cannot imagine traveling 2 hours in labor!