Cold weather mamas

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Cold weather mamas

A lot of people are affected by the cold weather right now, so I'm curious. How will you bundle LO up to leave the house? In a winter snowsuit? Just warm blankets? Do you have a cover for your carseat?

For DS2 I bought a beautiful winter snowsuit for him to wear b/c he was also born in the dead of winter here. Do you think he wore it once? Oh heck no! LOL I love using the fleece covers for my car seat personally. They keep baby nice and warm and don't *cook* him in the warm car.

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We'll be getting a car seat cover to go over the top of the seat too. We have enough warm clothing and blankets to get past the newborn stage (unless he's a total peanut like DD and in NB for months). My mom got him a snowsuit, but wouldn't put him in the car seat like that as the compression isn't right with puffy snow suits and he'd roast. Aside from covers, I love the fleecy bunting outfits that keep them warm without having them bake.

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I use a car seat cover and then put a warm blanket over Sarah's lower half underneath the cover. I always let the vehicle run for a bit before we go anywhere so it's usually warming up before we get in the van.

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I spent a lot of time worrying about this because Kostas was born in July so a winter newborn is totally new to me. I ended up getting a little fleece suit that is not thick enough to interfere with the snugness of the carseat straps and then a carseat cover as well. So far so good... Smile

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We use a carseat cover and blankets. I do have a snowsuit, but it's bulky and hot, so I prefer to just use the blankets instead.

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Carseat cover and blankets.. They don't make snow suits in his size.. lol. On out trip to niagara falls over the weekend, I did put him in a nb suit and then strapped him on and closed my coat over him. Looked funny, but worked out great!

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We've got a blanket to zip her in which seems to work well. But now I'm thinking I need a little winter hat for her. She has a couple of thin newborn hats.... but I'm thinking a fleece winter hat because her head sticks out of the blanket.