Cramping worries

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Cramping worries

Woke up with cramping this morning and it's freaking me out. No bleeding or anything. I'm acutally hoping that it's GI related and can get it to work itself through this morning.

Anyone else have cramping that worked out ok?

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Me. I ended up having an early appointment last week because of it. They weren't worried about the double-me-over-in-pain cramps, but they were concerned because I had constant right sided cramping so they did a u/s to rule out ectopic. It turned out to be a cyst and all is good. I've got a really high threshold for pain but it just freaked me out with how intense the all over cramps were and that I was having one sided pain for days.

I mentioned how I never had cramps like this with DD and the mw I saw said she thinks it gets worse for a lot of women per pregnancy which I thought was strange. I hope you're feeling better this afternoon!

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I've had some cramping on and off but it seems to be getting better. I hope yours does as well!!!

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I get cramps quite often as well. And they are pretty strong. Usually they will go away after a trip to the bathroom though. LOL! But it`s weird because I`ll have them all day and they dont feel GI, but low and behold after I go (and i`m not constipated or anything), they go away. And I just heard the heartbeat via doppler on Tuesday so everything seems ok.

Mine seem to be decreasing a bit so hopefully they will go away soon, and I hope yours do as well. Smile I`d say as long as there is no bleeding, they are not severe, or just one sided, they are probably ok and just your uterus stretching.