Definatly delivering in December

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Definatly delivering in December

I don't know that I mentioned it here or if I only posted this on the Jan. '13 board but last week I learned we'll be having this baby in December. I had ICP with my daughter and have symptoms of it again. They gave me a low dose of the medication to help with it, and aside from starting the 17P shots at 17 weeks, it will be normal monitoring until 28 weeks. With ICP you have to deliver at or as close to 37 weeks as possible because the risk of still birth rises in the last few weeks of pregnancy. DD came on her own and I had been in L&D twice before with her. Hoping the shots keep this baby baking until 37 weeks (Dec 14th) when we'll do an amnio and induce that night/next day if I'm not in labor on my own by then. We're just happy to have a plan in place. Thanks for letting me share!

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Wow, Mia. I've never heard of that before. What exactly happens to cause the still births? Looks like it's off to Google with me. So what is your expected 'due' date now? Will you be having a Christmas baby too? Wink

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I have never heard of it either, but I am glad that your Dr caught it with both babies and can give you the right care to prevent anything from happening to the baby. And you get to have a Christmas time baby! Smile

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I'm sorry this is happening again to you.

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ICP stands for Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, sometimes called Obstetric Cholestasis. Only about 1 in 1000 women develop it so it's not very common. What happens is your liver and gall bladder don't function properly (they think it's a response to the pregnancy hormones) so the bile salts you produce are filtered very slowly or not at all. This causes insatiable itching (namely on your palms/soles but can be anywhere on your body) and puts the baby at risk because of the bile salts being in your blood. At 28 weeks they'll start NSTs 2x a week and growth ultrasounds every couple weeks as growth restriction is a concern as well. The medication I have helps absorb some of the bile salts but can't take it away completey.

The still birth risk comes from the fact that your bile levels can go from okay (by ICP terms) to deadly overnight. I never had blood work done past confirming my diagnosis but most do so I am going to ask them to check my blood levels again around 35-36 weeks or if I get extremely itchy like I did last time just for peace of mind. I wouldn't want the baby to come earlier then 37 weeks, but in some cases it has to happen despite lung maturity for the baby's sake. I was in labor the whole week before I had DD but didn't realize it then.

They haven't set anything in stone, but last time it was scheduled as an amnio at 36 wks 6 days (a Monday) and induce the next night if the amnio came back okay. She came on her own two days before that and measured at 36 weeks even. If we do everything at exactly 37weeks, I'd be induced Dec 14th

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Sorry about the ICP but so glad they are being proactive. I hope you don't have to go through the extreme itchiness again. Good luck!!