Delayed shots?

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Delayed shots?

Did anyone delay their LOs shots? How did your Dr react if you did? How did your baby handle their first round of vaccinations? Did he/she get sick or cranky afterwards?

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we are with lil man. I limit him to 2 shots per visit. And they are ok with that. We get the rsv shot once a month. For his first shots, he was in nicu, so I'm not sure how he handled it. He got cranky from his 1st rsv shot out of the hospital, but thats about it. We also don't do any live viruses. We have been going to the same ped for 9 years. They are super nice

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Marek didn't get his first shot until 2 months. We did 2 pokes and 1 oral. I'm splitting up and delaying. I can't delay too long because my work (childcare center/preschool) has a no exceptions rule and I go back when Marek is 8 months.

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We didn't delay. I thought about it a little bit, but DD did okay with it and therefore I didn't put a ton of thought into it. He was a mess when they did it (one oral, three shots) but he was okay once I nursed him. He was a little cranky and got flushed that evening, but mostly he just slept a ton in the next twenty four hours and was back to normal after that.