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I thought I had a rough time symptom wise in my last pregnancy but it doesn't compare to this time around.. My m/s is still lingering..I'm still tired all the time. I have cramping and intense round ligament pain. My headaches are much more intense. My food aversions are also stronger.

Sorry to vent but I was just wondering what your experiences are with differences in pregnancies. What about any differences between genders if you have one of each?

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I'm sorry you are feeling so bad! Please vent away. I think m/s is one of the worst things to have to go through. I had horrible M/S in my pregnancy with DS. It lasted 7 months and I literally threw up every single morning and usually a couple more times through out the day. I seemed to have horrible food aversions and my sense of smell was sooooo keen that I hated it. This pregnancy I have still been really sick and throwing up almost every day, but 2 things are helping. First of all, I don't have nearly as many food aversions so that helps some. Secondly, they are come out with that magic medicine Zofran since my last pregnancy and it helps more than anything else I have tried. Somedays I don't think I would be able to work without it. I hope it gets better for you soon! Mine hasn't left yet either and I am tired all the time too. I asked my coworker who has one boy and one girl if she noticed a difference in her pregnancies and she said that she was really sick with both of them the entire time.

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My ms is still around too! Im am on diclectin and if i forget it i start barfing again. LOL! Sad

I am not finding out what this baby is but everyone is saying a girl this time since my ms was mild and didnt last thing long with ds. I think its another boy though. I think each pg can just be different and isnt really affected by the babys gender. People just like to make those correlations. Smile

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Oh, I'm so sorry. My pregnancy this time seemed like it was going to be easier morning sickness-wise because I didn't have any for the first 14 weeks! I had days when I didn't feel good and I definitely had exhaustion, but I wasn't throwing up. Well, at 14 weeks, I started throwing up! So weird! I hope it's over with now but I'm not so sure. With my first pregnancy (a boy), I threw up in the mornings throughout the first trimester but I felt pretty good otherwise. I was much sicker with my next two (both girls). So this one has thrown me through a loop! I was figuring it must be a boy at first, but started to get sick and found out it's a girl! The strange things pregnancy does to our bodies...

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I'm sorry that ms is kicking your butt this time. The first 18 weeks of my pregnancy were absolutely horrid between the ms, migraines, food aversions, and fatigue I was honestly thinking it was never going to get better. My ms actually got worse in the second trimester than it was in the first one! Now that I'm 20 weeks I'm feeling soooooo much better, I still have the occasional round ligament pain, nausea, and headaches but they're not nearly as bad as they were 2 weeks ago. With DS1 I didn't experience any of this except fatigue and the occasional little headache so I was convinced I was having a girl this time, but it turns out I'm having another boy so apparently (in my case at least) my symptoms were different even though the baby's gender was the same.

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#3 was the hardest for me. I was sick the whole time and then ended up having at her 34 weeks. Now that I'm preggo with a boy, I feel that my belly got bigger faster....

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For me each of my pregnancies has been different. With DS I was sick between 10-12 weeks, with DD I was sick up to 15 weeks and with this one I stopped getting sick at about 19.5 weeks. So my MS has lasted longer and longer.

I think the biggest change for me is that I feel so much more with each pregnancy including being more tired and more uncomfortable. It's been about 5 1/2 years since I was pregnant with DS at 25 and that was so easy, with DD I was 27, now I'll be 31 by the time this baby is born and I definitely feel a difference.

My aunt (who is 9 years older than me and has two girls the same age as my kids) said she couldn't believe how fast I bounced back from my c-section with DS and said it has to have been my age (she had just had her oldest DD and was 34 at the time). I definitely feel like that is the case.