Doctors Appointment Updated*

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Doctors Appointment Updated*

Had my second visit this morning, got to hear the heartbeat strong at 162. Got my sono scheduled for July 20!! I am waiting to hear back and see if the adoptive parents will be able to make the trip to be there or not. I am measuring right on time and everything looks good. My doc is also thinking about putting me on zoloft since my anxiety is getting worse and getting harder to handle. So I'm kinda scared about that. Other than that great appointment! Now I will be counting the days until the 20th of July!!!

Just talked to the adoptive parents and they are thrilled my counselor actually called me today to see if I was ready to 'Match' with them meaning they will take their profile off of the website and they will start with the legal procedings! Of course I said yes and they did as well!! They are going to try and book their weekend trip to make it for the sono!! I am so glad everything is falling into place!!

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Yay for a great appointment!!! I'm sorry you are feeling so much anxiety, though. I hope the Zoloft helps!