It does a body good.....

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It does a body good.....

MILK! And I can't stop drinking it. Holy cow, literally. For the past 2 or 3 weeks I am drinking tons of vit D milk. I guess baby boy must need that calcium, hmmmmm? So anyone else craving something big time? Share!

Oh! And I've been eating sweets by the bowl full but that's nothing unusual. LOL

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Mmmmm! Milk here too! I down it tons especially in the morning....but I always love milk!!!

I crave fries alot! LOL! You know, healthy stuff! Lol

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Fries for me too. I eat them with a ton of ketchup too. Yuck...

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I have been craving chocolate milk a lot and OJ which are things I don't usually have often. My appetite has been come and go (thanks to the ICP) so there isn't a lot I want but kids cereal, chocolate and pizza are still high on my list. Super healthy! Wink

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I WISH I had cravings...I am back to the "nothing sounds good" state. It's obnoxious...

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Aside from everything sounding awful, I think the worst thing with cravings is getting exactly what you're craving, there being nothing wrong with it but it just doesn't live up to whatever you're expecting. I've cried over that before. ROFL

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Milk and sugary things here too!!!

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