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DR Office Rant

I should have known better than to schedule my appointment for 5pm. I wasn't even called back until 5:40. We did weight, BP, PIAC, heard heartbeat and nurse gave me my 20 week script. Then the nurse tells me that there are 3 patients in front of me but not to worry, it will be quick. I sat there for a little then realized... even if he only spends 5-7 minutes with each it's going to be another 15-20min. So I just got up and left. Talking to the DR on this appointments is almost pointless anyway. They just feel you uterus and ask if you have any questions. There are some things that I would have liked to ask him about..... but oh well.. I'll just post my questions for you guys instead. Wink An hour and 5 min past my appointment time is my max.

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The nurse did all that stuff, is that normal where you go? I would have left too especailly after hearing the heartbeat! I think I would have just asked the nurse my questions, lol.

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I agree, late in the day appts are hard since so many things can cause the docs to be delayed throughout the day. I don't blame you for leaving!!

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I don't blame you for leaving either, a few weeks ago the nurse "forgot" to put my appointment in from over a month ago - I got there and was told I didn't have an appointment. Thank goodness it was the head nurse/office manager and she remembered me otherwise I'd have been out of luck. I still had to wait almost 30 mins in the exam room for the NP to show up...

I always try to show up at least 15 minutes early to my appointments, if not sooner, that way I can at least get in on time. You should call and talk to the office manager about what happened since waiting that long is a bit ridiculous. They don't have a nurse practitioner you can see instead of the Dr until your last few months of pregnancy?

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The later in the day an appointment is the harder it is to get in on time. Of course that's just the way it is but it doesn't make it easier to deal with when you've waited that long. I've never had the nurse do more then vitals and PICA and ask general questions. Glad you got to listen to the hb. I hope your appointment next time is more prompt.

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Uh yeah. I would have totally got up and left too. Holy crap! Would you have seen the doctor by 730?!? Wow. I remember on my DS1's BB, there was a Canadian mama that had to wait around 3 hrs on avg at each appt. I couldn't even imagine. At least they gave you a time guess-tamet so you could check in and then come back. Sheesh.

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I had the same issue on monday. Only thing was I couldn't leave cuz I was there for shot treatment.. The lady in front of me was 20 mins late. Well make her wait!!!! My apt was only 5 mins.. It was all the nurses fault too. She could of told the dr I was only there for a shot. To top it off, I was sicker than a dog and I had my 8 month old with me!!! I would of left her home, but I was the only one in the house not running to the bathroom every 5 mins...

Just cuz u had a late apt, I don't think it was the problem... My apt was at 940 am!!