Feeling baby

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Feeling baby

Do any of you feel baby move more in one spot (or spots) then others? I can tell DS moves around often, but like his sister, he seems to be ROA most of the time (head down, back along my right side and bum up by my ribs). I feel hiccups/fingers moving way down low in my pelvis daily and he'll kick/punch up towards my ribs more.

IMO movement is the best part of pregnancy (besides birth of course Lol

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I love movement as well!

Speaking of movement, my LO was making me miserable yesterday. I think he has mostly been head down and in a similar position to what you are describing, Mia, but yesterday I have no doubt that he was transverse all day long. It was awful! I did all kinds of things to try and get him to go back head down, but nothing seemed to work. Finally I went to bed that way and this morning when I woke up he was head down again. Thank God! I can tell because I #1 felt more comfortable, #2 my belly looks normal again, #3 he got the hiccups and they were down low again like they normally are. Yesterday he had the hiccups and they were on my right side up under my ribs. Ugh.

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I think I must be the only moron mom who has no clue how my baby lays. And this is number 3! Lol. I feel kicks/punches mostly down low under my belly button. Just recently though I have been feeling baby do the 'rib stretch' where they try to see how many of your ribs they can crack. Wink I'm assuming then baby must be stretching it's legs.

I love feeling baby moving around in there too!!

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Claire I'm glad baby gave you a break! Transverse is always really uncomfortable for me too.

Marie - it took me a long time to figure out how baby was laying. I only feel confident in knowing with this one as he seems to be mimicking how DD was.

I notice with this pregnancy I get back pain (I can't move or roll over kind of pain) all.the.time. It's usually just when we're in bed so DH can help me if I need to move but it freaks him out. Thankfully he's been giving me a break in the last couple of days.