Gender testing ~ part 2

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Gender testing ~ part 2

Ok. This time I tried the baking soda test. Fill the bottom of a cup with one TBSP of baking soda. Slowly pour in some urine. If it fizzes up, BOY. If it does nothing, GIRL.

This test says GIRL! Lol. Anyone else giving it a shot?

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Hehe, I am going to do this test in a few weeks time Biggrin Yay for fun tests!

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I haven't yet but I'm going to! I love all the gender prediction tests. Smile

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I'll have to try it!

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I've never heard that one. Interesting....

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Oh fun! I love doing that kind of stuff. I don't know if we have any baking soda, but I will have to try it eventually.

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Mine never fizzes either- so girl.. However I hardly find anyone who does it that it actually fizzes for!

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I did this one last time and it was wrong for me. I'm not sure I'll do it but it is one of the easier tests to do so that's nice.