Halloween costume?

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Halloween costume?

With Halloween coming up, any ladies out there 'dressing' up their bump? What will you be? Do you take your other young ones trick or treating (if you have any)? What will they be?

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I haven't thought of anything good to dress up as for Halloween, but I did think it would be funny for me to dress up in a Santa costume closer to Christmas since I will have a huge round belly like Santa.

DS wants to be a robber for Halloween this year. I think mostly because he likes the idea of jumping out of the bushes and yelling, "Gimme all your candy!" over and over. It's like the only time in his life that its actually appropriate to jump out and scare people, demand candy, and point a gun at them so you would think he's died and gone to heaven. I don't get little boys sometimes. Smile I'm not sure how I could dress up to go with a robber costume... Maybe I will think of something else cute though.

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It would be cool to paint my belly like a jack-o-lantern... but it just seems messy. We'll see.

DD keeps saying she wants to be a butterfly, which could be pretty easy.... black pants, black shirt and wings, right?

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I probably won't be dressing up; although, I do look pretty scary when I use charcoal to whiten my teeth! Have you guys tried it? I found a natural remedy for teeth whitening that's supposedly safer and better for you than chemically whitening teeth--you just brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder. It really works! Anyway, I look pretty scary with it on my teeth and running down my face so I've considered dressing up as a zombie or something.

My DS probably won't dress up--13 year olds! No fun! LOL

My older DD is going to be a cute witch. I got her a costume that is purple and white with black and white striped leggings. I also bought her best friend a matching witch costume that is pink and white so they will match. Smile My 3 year old is going to be a lily flower. All of these costumes I bought from zulily a while back for super cheap--like $7 a piece--and they are really cute!!

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I haven't put much effort into figuring out what I'll do. I love Halloween I just never make time to shop for costumes. I love the idea of painting the bump except it'd be hard to keep showing it off as I get cold easily, so I may do a shirt variation though it's not as fun.

Claire - what a fun idea to do Santa! I've never heard that before but that would be so cute. Smile

Taylor - Now I'm curious about that whitening remedy. Does it taste bad?

DD has a ladybug costume my mom found (in her current size) last spring that I have to try on her. She's either going to love or hate it but we'll see.

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"MissMia" wrote:

Taylor (Jamie?? :))- Now I'm curious about that whitening remedy. Does it taste bad?

Mia, the charcoal doesn't have a flavor at all--weird right? At least it doesn't to me. So it's just powdery which is a weird texture to brush your teeth with. I get my toothbrush wet and then dip it in the bag of charcoal powder and brush away! My teeth feel sooo clean for days after.

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Man, I'm late to responding to this. I almost posted a new post asking what older LOs were going to be. Oopsie!

I don't think I'm going to do anything. It's just been toooo hectic. :/ But I always make my sons' costumes and my older son LOVES that. Heh heh. Last year the boys were Calvin and Hobbs ----> Photobucket
This year Drake wants to be 'Two Stupid Dogs'. (I had to look that one up.) LOL This should be interesting!
Any one else have their kids costumes done? Share pics??

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I'm going to be a nun! LOL! And DH is going to be a priest! We're naughty I know! We have a friends party we're going to. DS is going to be superman! I had to think of a costume that didnt have anything on his head because he'd hate it! We'll just take him to the neighbours we know houses then hand out candy. Unless he seems like he wants to keep going but at his age I doubt it.

Last year he was sick so we put his costume on (a dragon) for pictures and that was it. Sad I hope he's well this year!