Has anyone done this?

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Has anyone done this?

I've been thankfully feeling much better lately - almost no m/s. I don't even feel pregnant right now. I don't have an appt for another 2 weeks. I'm freaking myself out with horrible thoughts that the baby stopped growing and I'm just waiting to mc.

My OB office is like a minute from my house. Is it crazy for me to just show up and ask if they'd listen on the dopler? Or is that just inviting panic b/c I'm not even 11 weeks? I don't have a feel for if they'd actually do it or not and if they'd bill me as a visit or not. But I'm completely tempted.

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It's a hard call. I totally understand the anxiety, I was the same way when my awful ms let up with DD but I had to keep telling myself that with no bleeding, there wasn't much to tell me something was wrong. Things may be different there, but here they'd definatly bill for any sort of visit.

Have you considered buying a doppler to use at home? I know they can be a bit pricey, but it might give you some peace of mind? Glad you're feeling better despite it giving you such anxiety!

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I have been having these same feelings. I would call and ask. It can't hurt to ask. I think most doctors will be understanding just for your peace of mind.

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At my doc's office, they will usually get me in right away to give me peace of mind. However, they do charge it as a visit! With my last pregnancy I bought a home doppler. I got it used from Craigslist for $30! I could hear the heartbeat starting around 10 weeks. The funny thing is, I loaned the doppler to a pregnant friend just before I found out I was pregnant! LOL