hi, i'm new

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hi, i'm new

Hi, I'm new.....my due date is December 28. This is my second baby. I had a son 9 pds. 10 ounches on December 14, 2010....so I guess I"m having another December baby....lol:p

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Congratulations and welcome to the boards!

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Hi and welcome!

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Welcome! It's awesome, our kiddos were 2 days apart in 2010, and our due dates are only 1 day apart this time! Hope we both have a HH9M - and Jonathan and Nora both deal with it well! Smile

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Congrats on your second December baby, nice age gap Smile

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I was due last dec 5th and had my little muffin in Oct. I'm also due again in Dec!!

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Congrats and welcome! This will be December baby #4 for us! Our twins were born Dec 24, our 2 yr old was born Dec 28, and just to add to our winder babies our 4 month old was born Jan 3!! Eek! I'm due somewhere near the middle/end of December...i think.

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congratulations and welcome! HH9M!

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Congratulations and welcome!

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Congrats on your 2nd Dec baby! HH9M

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Welcome welcome!!! Congrats on the pregnancy!!!