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Anyone out there sew, cook, do a sport, scrapbook, etc? What do you like to do in your spare time (when you're not sleeping the day away of course, LOL) Share some pics of your hobby if you like.

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I can't wait to hear what others post. I have always wished I had a cool hobby that I was really good at.

I do enjoy running, yoga, and mountain biking when DH and I can get up to the mountains to take trips. BUT I haven't really been doing any of those things since I got pregnant. I tried running when I frist found out I was pregnant, but always felt like I was going to throw up. I used to go to yoga a couple times a week at one of our local places, but my membership ran out and I can't renew it right now because we need to save for the baby. And obviously mountain biking isn't happening. I think I will eventually be able to get back into at least one of these activities once baby gets a little older. For now all of my spare time goes to reading or watching TV. I'm boring. Smile

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Great thread idea!

I too love yoga, running, hiking, camping, writing and reading (though writing is what I do professionally so I don't think of it as a hobby much even when it's just for fun). I love painting though I haven't done it in forever. I started knitting in college and just picked that back up, along with crocheting. I always see these beautiful hats/scarves/shawls etc and think "I want to make that!". My MIL is amazing at both and sewing (I'd love to take up quilting someday!) so it's nice having a real life reference if I get stumped. I figured they'd be good for projects incase I go on bed rest again in this pregnancy.

I haven't gone running in forever because I have really weak retinas from being born prematurely, so I"m at risk for them tearing and can't do high impact activities anymore. I haven't done yoga in a studio since just before I was pregnant with DD but I want to get some prenatal videos. DH has done a ton of hikes as a kid that are 4,000+ feet and we want to start doing them next summer with the kids.

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Mia, I've never heard that premature birth weakens retinas! I wonder if my DD is at risk for that.... hmm. Interesting! I wish I had a real life reference for sewing. I have a sewing machine and tried to take a class but didn't learn much of anything so it mostly sits in storage collecting dust until I need to make a small repair or something!

I love to workout as well. I love any fitness class I can get my hands on, swimming, running, and I especially love dance fitness. I'm so glad I get to do some of that in my job as a fitness instructor; although, I only teach cycling and water aerobics. But I love those classes too and have a great time teaching them!

I used to crochet and scrapbook but haven't been doing much of that since I've been going to school full time. Full time school, 3 kids plus one on the way, and a part time job means I don't have much free time! But when I do have some free time, I love to hang out with my girlfriends and go to dinner and watch movies. With the family, we love to go camping and hiking. I recently got a nice DSLR camera so I'd also like to learn more about photography. I'm hoping to take a photography class at school next semester. It's my last semester so I want to take some fun/hobby type classes for a change!!!

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Cross stitch! I'm actually in high gear with that because I'm stitching a Christmas stocking for DD. I don't sew at all, so it needs to be done by mid-Nov in order for the sewer to have it complete in time for Christmas. I'm really excited about it.

I also love running, but haven't been. I did a marathon in 2007 and hope to do one again someday. I'm really slow though, so training for a marathon is a big time commitment. I'm already trying to plan my first race post-baby and I'm thinking it'll be a half-marathon in September to give me enough time. We'll see.

Reading is another one. Since tv is all re-runs right now, if I'm not stitching then I'm readig. We've even been keeping the tv off most nights!

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I like to bake, do crafts, read, and lately I just like to veg! I don't mind cooking so much, but I really enjoy baking--something about it is relaxing to me. I like to make home decor, but mostly copy projects I see...every once in a while I will make something up, but I haven't done much of anything lately--no extra energy.

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"sunny_gal" wrote:

Mia, I've never heard that premature birth weakens retinas! I wonder if my DD is at risk for that.... hmm. Interesting!

Yeah, I didn't get diagnosed (with Retanopathy of Prematurity) until '06. I'd always had bad vision (started wearing glasses in pre-school) but that runs on both sides of the family. I never asked many questions of my specialist about how you get it. I asked DD's pediatrician and he said it's not from being born premature, but from the use of oxygen. I was born at 26 weeks and could breathe fine, but they didn't want me to do that because I'd burn too many calories so I'd assume I was on it for a while. I keep meaning to ask the pediatrician if it's a long term use thing or not, but keep forgetting. I'd think if they aren't in the NICU for a long time, it'd be okay as my retina specialist didn't seem concerned about DD's future when I told her she was born at 5lbs 5 oz, even though she got below 5 for a little bit.

Kristy - Cross Stitch sounds fun! I love the idea of making things for the kiddos. How awesome to have done a marathon. I love how there are always reruns but there never seems to be enough time to read everything you want.

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Kristy, cross-stitching sounds great! I'd love to see your finished stocking--you should post pics! I hope to do a marathon someday but have only done a few half marathons. I'm hoping to plan some post-baby races too!

Mia, now I'm really curious about Retanopathy! My DS had a heart problem when he was born so he was on oxygen for 2.5 months! He's almost 13 now and no vision issues that I know of yet but that gives me incentive to have them look closely at his retinas. My last DD was 4 lbs 3 oz at birth and dropped below 4 lbs for a while. She was itty bitty but didn't have to be on oxygen since they had given me the steroid shots for her lungs. I didn't know you were born at 26 weeks! Holy smokes! That is just 2 weeks from where I'm at now and I can't imagine having this baby yet! I thought my DD being born at 34 weeks (my water broke at 31 weeks and then I was hospitalized for 3 long weeks while they kept me pregnant) was pretty early. 26 weeks is amazing!