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Holiday Decor

Who's decorating early (and what do you do)? Is having a December EDD making you plan ahead a lot with getting your home ready for the holidays or do you prefer not to decorate as much? Who's waiting until holidays are closer to decorate?

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We always decorate after thanksgiving. We put outdoor lights and did the tree in the playroom. We will be doing our other tree this weekend. I wanted to make sure everything is set up for ds sake. If I go to my due date then it just means it will probably take me longer to take the stuff down after the holidays. We normally leave it up till new years. I'm more stressing about gifts. I have done most of ds but not Dh.. or other family.

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I don't think I will decorate as much this year. I'm pretty sure lights are out. We will put up the tree this weekend and pull out the stockings and a few other things, but not everything.

I think I am more worried about gifts as well. I am just about finished with my kiddos, but not DH or extended family, although we are just doing gift cards for extended, so it will be easy. DH is the hardest one.

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DH is impossible to shop for! We joke that this LO is his birthday (though now more like xmas) gift. He changes his mind on what he likes all the time so it's hard even when he has a wish list on Amazon. I do want to get him some shirts and pants he wants from LL Bean and Dicks but they're pricey so I'll only do it if we have a lot of $ left over.

We haven't started decorating yet. I want to get lights this weekend for the windows/outside (just simple stuff). DH wants to wait to get our tree (we tagged it Vet's weekend) until the week before xmas because that's what his parents do. I guess I don't mind I just feel like things are going to be nuts with two LOs in the house but at the same time it could be a fun project for DD as all our ornaments are toddler friendly.

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We put up the tree on Thanksgiving weekend, but that's normal for us. We do a fake tree because of allergies. My parents will come after the baby is born, so I'm hoping I can get my dad to do our outdoor lights. So decorating will be normal this year. Christmas shopping is all done and wrapped. I may pick up a couple more items here and there for people but that's just if I have time... everyone is already covered. Smile I'm ready baby. You can come out now.

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We did some outside lights and then a tree inside this year which we got done last weekend thankfully. LO will be here tomorrow morning (shhhh) and will be recovering:)

Have done a little shopping earlier this year and Amazon will be my friend for most of the rest. Will have to run out closer to Christmas for a few things though.

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I never do a whole lot of holiday decorating--I'm kind of a scrooge that way I guess! LOL I put up a big tree and we decorate it and do stockings and all that, but that's really about as far as I go with it--I don't even do outside decor. I just hate having to put it all away and my husband hates having to store decorations all year. But my kids love helping with it so we'll try to get our decorations up this weekend.

Robin! Today is the day??? Woot!!!!

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