Holy Appetite!

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Holy Appetite!

In the last 2 weeks I have become a ravenous machine! I did not feel this way in my last 2 pregnancies. To be honest, I have never understood what people mean when they talk about pregnant women's appetites picking up in the 2nd trimester. Mine never really seemed to do that. Maybe it's because I gave myself a free ticket to eat as much as I wanted in the other 2 pregnancies and this time I have tried to retain some self control, but man, I am hungry! It's like I will be fine and not hungry and then all of the sudden I AM STARVING and I must eat now or I will pass out(literally.) Weird. Is this normal? Does anyone else feel this way? I am going to start stashing snacks in my purse, car, and at work!

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im the same way. i have to eat every few hours or else im ravenous and or nauseous.. trying to keep it all healthy but its hard

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me, me! I have been ravenous from the get-go, which probably explains all the weight I've gained. Smile

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I've just started to get really hungry...and often! I was hungry before, but more to keep the nausea away. Now I am just plain hungry, but I am still in the "nothing sounds good" stage (unless of course we go out and someone else makes it! NOT GOOD!). I have been eating quite a bit of fruit, though, so that has helped. I am just hoping to keep my weight gain down a bit this time by eating healthier, but it's getting harder.

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I've been wondering when I was going to get a big appetite like I have with my other pregnancies and it has finally hit in the last 2 days. I just ate 3 pieces of pizza and not less than 45 minutes later I felt like I was starving again so now I am eating again... this time something a little more healthy.