Holy baby clothes!!

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Holy baby clothes!!

Decided last night to wash all the baby clothes we have from 0-6 months, mostly the gender neutral stuff but I washed some boy stuff too since I could potentially have a boy. and OMG!! I have so much!! 4 full loads worth! Holy crap!!!!! If we have another boy we're set, if it's a girl, there is still an unreal amount of clothes!

Almost makes me sad that I dont have an excuse to shop more! Lol

Anyone have all their baby clothes washed and ready yet? That's the only thing I've done. LOL!!! And got the baby's closet ready but emptying it out (was the spare bedroom).

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our newborn and 0-3 outfits are washed along with blankets and the carseat insert! we have alot of clothes too.we probably dont need anything till size 9

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I don't have anything washed, but I did go through all of my girl clothes (and we have lots, too!) and I threw some out, gave some away, etc. I want to go through the boy stuff just in case, but I don't think they will get used. I will probably just end up passing them on to somebody else.

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I WISH I had my clothes washed. Envious here! I have about half of them done and that's it. My 'to do' list is painfully long. I'm in the same boat as you too. TONS of boys stuff! If it's a girl, looks like I'll be shopping til I drop.

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I have washed all the clothes up to 3 months and sorted out the rest. I had a few pieces left over from DD but got a full wardrobe from my SIL as she had twin girls last year. Also our neighbour had a baby girl in January a few years ago and passed along all the winter girl stuff she had left. I am set for clothes definitely until about 9 months.

I have washed all the bedding and the car seat cover, insert, snowsuit, blankets, bib, etc... I had an overwhelming urge to get prepared the beginning of this month so the baby's room is basically ready save diapers, creams, wipes, etc...

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The only stuff that I've washed is everything that I got from last week's consignment event. Most of that was 0-3 but it ranged from NB to 12 months. I was just thinking the other day that I want to wash up the other couple of outfits we have in NB-3-6 months just because. We still need a few more things clothing wise but I'm trying to hold out until we can get some financial stuff straightened out.

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Did some wash today.... some neutral onsies size 0-3, co-sleeper sheets, car seat cover and car seat sleeping bag thing. You guys are now reminding me of other things I need to wash.... blankets, burpers etc. Also need to find that head insert thing for the car seat. I set up the co-sleeper today, so that felt good.